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Local League Rules Addendum

Revised 06-09-2019


National Rules

1.  Age and Pitching.  MSBL (25+) teams will be allowed to have a maximum of 5 (five) players between the ages of 18 and 25 on their roster subject to review by the board.   When an MSBL team plays another MSBL team, an under 25 pitcher is only allowed to pitch the FIRST four innings of the game in a 9-inning game or the first 3 innings in a 7-inning game.  After the first four (9in) or three (7in) innings, a 25+ year old pitcher must be used.

1a.  18+ Rosters. Per National MSBL rule 3.a, a player must reach the age of 18 in the calendar year of the season of play. 

2.  Conduct.  Managers and Players should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.  Game officials will only discuss calls with managers and not with players.  The National Rules for conduct are very specific:  A player or manager can and will be ejected at the game officials' discretion for abusive profanity, verbal abuse, objectionable demonstrations of dissent, rough tactics, physical attack, and consuming alcoholic beverages during the game, or being on or around the field in an intoxicated condition.



Violators will be immediately suspended from participation. 

National League Rule 4.a: There will be no beer or alcoholic beverages permitted at the field before, during or after the game. The field refers to the general playing area and ancillary areas. 

Rules governing parking lot areas are subject to local law enforcement codes and restrictions.

3. Ejections. When a manager or player is ejected from a game a fine of $25.00 and a minimum 1-game suspension will be assessed for a first time offense (per season). The fine must be paid to the league in order for a player to be reinstated. If a player enters a game without having served his suspension and paying his fine the game will be forfeited. All ejections will be reviewed by the board. The board will vote to determine if the ejection was warranted (resulting in a fine), whether or not the minimum 1-game suspension should be upheld and whether or not additional disciplinary actions are required in response to the player or manager’s objectionable actions. The board’s decision is final and will be voted on by all board members that were not participants in the game or members of the next opponent of the team in question.
(second offense - minimum of 2-game suspension)
(third offense - disqualification for the remaining duration of the season)

4.  Courtesy Runners.  Courtesy runners will be allowed.  The maximum number of courtesy runners allowed is two barring injury.  The courtesy runner is required to be the last batted out.  The manager must tell the opposing manager prior to the game which player(s) will require a courtesy runner.  If the designated player runs for himself during the game, he must continue to run for himself for the remainder of the game.  If no courtesy runners are designated prior to the game, then none will be allowed (barring injury).

Exception Catchers that are on base with two outs will be allowed a courtesy runner (last batted out) so that he may put on gear and be ready for the next inning.

5.  Mercy Rule is as follows:

         10 Runs after 5 innings (this is the only run-rule in effect regardless of innings played)

     6.  Time Limit.  

        No new inning will be started after 3:00 hours in a 9-inning game.
        No new inning will be started after 2:30 hours in a 7-inning game.

7.   Pick-Up-Players.  Pick-up players will be allowed only when a team does not have enough rostered players to field a team.  Pick-up players will not be allowed to play the field while regular roster players sit the bench.  Regular roster players must take precedence over pick-up players.  Pick-up players will only be allowed to bat in that instance.  *Pick-Up players must be placed at the BOTTOM of the lineup regardless of their skill level.  *Pick-Up players shall not pitch in a game for that team unless approved by the opposing manager prior to insertion. Pick-Up Players must be provided a team uniform.  Opposing coaches must be notified of the presence of a Pick-Up-Player.  Our local league encourages Pick-Up-Players in this instance so that game-play may occur.  Teams are encouraged to recruit such players to become league members in good standing and may add such players to their roster with league approval.   No player which has been previously barred from game play in the NWAMSBL may be used as a pick up player.  Players must play in a minimum of 5 (five) regular season or local tournament games in order to qualify for local league playoffs.

8.  Batting Lineup:  A team must have 8 players at game time to legally start the game. If a team has less than 8 players at game time, the non-offending team will receive a forfeit win AND play a practice game unless rule # 7 is enacted.. Should a team only have 8 players, they will be assessed an automatic out each time the vacancy occurs in the batting order. These vacancies are to be placed at the end of the line-up and announced by the umpire as such. Any time a team can field only seven players or less, due to absentee, departure, or injury…a forfeit will result.  This rule may be averted by enacting rule # 7 above (Pick-Up Players) with approval by opposing team.  A pick-up player may come from the opposing team (encouraged) or from another team with a player to give. 

9Intentional Walks.  Each team will be allowed 1 (one) intentional walk per game. An intentional walk will be announced, pitching out to the player is not a requirement.

10Hit Batsmen.  If a pitcher hits 4 batters in any one game, the pitcher must be removed from pitching on the fourth hit batsman.  That player may be inserted into any other position.

11.  Headgear.  All batters, base runners, and on-deck hitters MUST WEAR APPROVED HEADGEAR.  2008 Rule Change:  Coaches in coach's boxes must wear protective headgear (helmets).  This rule is in compliance with the MLB rule change that will trickle down to all levels of play for 2008.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in forfeiture of your insurance coverage.

12.  Bats.  BBCOR OR WOOD bats used must not exceed a ratio of minus 3 (-3 or "drop three").    Which is calculated by the difference between the length of the bat versus the weight of the bat.  No metal bats exceeding 36” in length and/or a 2 5/8” diameter are permitted.   (e.g., a bat that is 34 inches long must weigh at least 31 ounces (oz.) by factory standards).  Any player detected using a bat out of these proportions will be declared automatically out.  Wood bats may be used and are encouraged.

 13.  Forfeits.  A team that is compelled to forfeit a game due to lack of players at game time will automatically be fined $100.00 to cover the cost of umpires for a full game (generally $100.00 for a 7-inning game) plus field usage fees (generally $25.00 per day shared) if necessary.  If the forfeited game is the first of a double-header, then the second game may be automatically forfeited and a total forfeiture fee will be $150.00.  If a 48-hour notice is given in anticipation of a forfeited game, a $25.00 rescheduling fee will be levied if the forfeiting team wishes to make up those games (opposing teams must honor a rescheduled date which shall be agreed upon by both teams and the league office).  Forfeiting coaches must notify BOTH the opposing coach and the league President when a forfeit is pending. These forfeit fees will be due prior to the forfeiting teams next scheduled game.  If the next scheduled game is the second half of a double-header, then fees will be due prior to the next week’s scheduled games.

14.  Catcher's Gear:

a.  Catchers MUST wear SKULL CAPS (or hockey-style masks).

b.  Catchers MUST wear a Chest Protector.

c.  Catchers MUST wear a Mask (either traditional or hockey style).  Neck guard optional

d.  Catchers MUST wear Shin Guards (on BOTH shins) that include at minimum knee covers and ankle covers.  Lobster guards, foot covers, and knee savers are optional.

e.  Catchers SHOULD wear a Cup (not enforceable, but highly recommended)

f.   Catchers mitt is recommended, but not mandatory



The Unwritten Rules of Baseball

by Baseball Weekly

1.  Never put the tying or go-ahead run on base.

2.  Play for the tie at home, go for the victory on the road.

3.  Don't hit and run with an 0-2 count.

4.  Don't play the infield in early in the game.

5.  Never make the first or third out at third.

6.  Never steal when you're well down.

7.  Never steal when you're well ahead.

8.  Don't steal third with two outs.

9.  Don't bunt for a hit when you need a sacrifice.

10.  Never throw behind the runner.

11.  Left and right fielders concede everything to center fielder.

12.  Never give up a home run on an 0-2 count.

13.  Never let the score influence the way you manage.

14.  Don't go against the percentages.

15.  Take a strike when your club is behind in a ballgame.

16.  Leadoff hitter must be a base stealer. Designated hitter must be a power hitter.

17. * Never give an intentional walk if first base is occupied.

18. *With runners in scoring position and first base open, walk the number eight hitter to get to
the pitcher.

19.  In rundown situations, always run the runner back toward the base from which he came.

20.  If you play for one run, that's all you'll get.

21.  Don't bunt with a power hitter up.

22.  Don't take the bat out of your best hitter's hands by sacrificing in front of him.

23.  Only use your bullpen stopper in late-inning situations.

24.  Don't use your stopper in a tie game -only when you're ahead.

25.  Hit behind the runner at first.

26.  Hit the ball where it's pitched.

27.  A manager should remain detached from his players.

28.  Never mention a no-hitter while it's in progress.

29.  With a right-hander on the mound, don't walk a right-handed hitter to pitch to a left-handed hitter

*Supersede by local league rules!


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