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2014 NWAMSBL 25+ Champions (REPEAT)

2014 NWAMSBL Champions NWA X-Tinct

photo by Stephen Boudreaux


2014 NWAMSBL MVP Corey Campbell

photo by Stephen Boudreaux


2014 NWAMSBL Runner Up Browns

photo by Stephen Boudreaux


2014 NWAMSBL All Stars

photo by Stephen Boudreaux


The 2014 NWAMSBL season started off rather innocuously with what looked to be a new balance of order among returning squads.  The last year's runner's up, NWA White Sox started the season 0-5 and last year's last place finishers, the Wingnuts started off 5-0.  What remained constant was the returning champions, X-Tinct, who seemed to plow through the regular season like an army of rhinoceroses...or in their self-imposed case, dinosaurs.  The early part of the season, hitting dominated pitching as par, but as hitters took stride, the balance swayed...the above mentioned teams (other than the X-Tinct) reversed course with the White Sox winning 10 straight heading into the playoffs and the Wingnuts dropped 9 straight dropping from what might have been a 2-seed to a 6-seed.  The Orioles held the second best record in the NWAMSBL heading to the playoffs and earned the top spot in the bracket opposite the X-Tinct, but fell victim to the 7-seed Dodgers in round one.  The Browns, who suffered seven early losses had a terrific team when all showed, but they managed to escape their bracket to advance to the 2014 championship game at AA Royals' Affiliate NWA Naturals' Arvest Ball Park to take on the undefeated X-Tinct who advanced from a re-match of last year's final versus the White Sox who managed to give them their best test of the season in the semi-final.  The X-Tinct never let up, however, and took the 2014 title with an unscathed record and a 10-0 run-rule victory in the championship game over the Browns.

The championship game seemed a relatively close affair through the first 7 innings with the X-Tinct scoring only one run in each of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th innings taking a 4-0 lead into the bottom of the 8th where they tacked on the needed 6 runs to close out the run-rule final.  Offensive standouts for the X-Tinct: Tieler Driscoll (3-3, 2R, BB, HBP, K), Josh Vanderpool (3-5, 2RBI), Kasey Cooper (2-4, R, 2RBI, BB, 2SB), Corey Campbell (2-3, 2B, BB).  Kasey Cooper gets the win on the mound as the X-Tinct held the Browns offense to two meaningless hits by Julio Cruz in the 5th and Jared Knox in the 6th, one BB, and 16 Ks through 8 innings.  Corey Campbell earns the voted MVP award from his teammates. 


The 2104 NWAMSBL All Star game was won by the "8632" Team with what was deemed an "unknown score...but we are pretty sure it was 'a lot to not-as-many'."  But the game was a real hoot on both sides and a great opportunity for players from the entire league to gather together and build camaraderie while getting to perform on one of the most beautiful playing surfaces in America at Arvest Ball Park.


September 17, 2014 All Star Squads Announced:


2014 NWAMSBL All Stars at Arvest Ball Park Sunday, September 21st

7541 Team

8632 Team

Coach Casey Benicosa

Coach Martin Tabler

Keith Nicholson

White Sox

Justin Hawthorne


Chris Huebner

White Sox

Dustin Fonville


Nick Wheeler

White Sox

Mark Popejoy


Brad Hughes

White Sox

Chris Gatlin


Kirk Driscoll

Diamond Hawgs

Garrett Abbott


Gavin Burk

Diamond Hawgs

Trent Wise


Mikey Ulloa

Diamond Hawgs

Julio Cruz


Mike Ulloa

Diamond Hawgs

Brian Taylor


Jeff Shaw


Jim Bob Tackett


Heath Robinson


Joe Don Dawes


Corey Cambpell


Jeremy Engelhardt


Jared Clifford Scott


Chance Kipness


Sam Stokes


Charles Fowler


Clay Fecht


Matt Garza


Junior Zuniga


Brandon Story


David Thral


Andy Smith



September 14, 2014 PLAYOFFS Rds 1 and 2


25 + Division "8541"

Diamond Hawgs (8) 0 X-Tinct (1) 10
Cardinals (5) 6 White Sox (4) 7
White Sox (4) 1 X-Tinct (1) 4

25 + Division "7632"

Dodgers (7) 3 Orioles (2) 2
Wingnuts (6) 7 Browns (3) 11
Dodgers (7) 0 Browns (3) 9

Congratulations to the Browns and the X-Tinct for both advancing to the 2014 NWAMSBL Championship Game at Arvest Ball Park to be held on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 12:30pmCST.

I would like to invite ALL of our NWAMSBL membership to attend this prestigious event. It is being offered at FREE admission to see what could stack up to be a great baseball game on a beautiful Fall afternoon. Immediately following that game, there will be the 2014 NWAMSBL All Star Game between the "8541" Team and the "7632" Team. I still do not have the names of all participants, but we need to make sure to have FOUR (4) representatives from each of the 8 playoff teams. That will give us 16 players per side. If your designated All Star cannot attend, please send an alternate. When I have all of the names, I will list them on our website.

Final scores from the 2014 playoffs:
Quarter Finals:
Diamond Hawgs 0 X-Tinct 10
Cardinals 6 White Sox 7
White Sox 1 X-Tinct 4

Quarter Finals:
Dodgers 3 Orioles 2
Wingnuts 7 Browns 11
Dodgers 0 Browns 9

Thanks for a great season and thanks to all of the board members who were instrumental in making the season go and continue to work amid some logistical snags...Special attention to Charles Fowler for securing the fields and to Keith Wheeler for a terrific job in putting together the schedules. These tasks are never easy and they both performed with excellence. This league is a great example of a "really good" small market league. However, we can only ever be "great" when we all work together. Not just board members who only come together to solve grievances, but PROACTIVE board members who take reins and make things happen to benefit the league. Let's build on this season in that way, eh?

See you next Sunday at Arvest Ball Park...

"The Front Office"



August 23-24, 2014


25 + Division

Cardinals 12 Browns 15
Orioles 9 Dodgers 6
White Sox 1 X-Tinct 15
Dodgers 2 White Sox 14
X-Tinct 7 Dodgers 0(f)
Browns W Diamond Hawgs L
Diamond Hawgs L Browns W
Cardinals 1 Wingnuts 11
Wingnuts 5 Cardinals 7
Orioles 7 Braves 0(f)
Braves 0(f) Orioles 7


August 16-17, 2014


25 + Division

Cardinals 2 White Sox 3
White Sox 3 Cardinals 5
Orioles 12 Diamond Hawgs 1
Wingnuts 0(f) Orioles 7
Diamond Hawgs 7 Wingnuts 0(f)
Dodgers L X-Tinct W
X-Tinct W Dodgers L
Braves 2 Browns 16
Browns 18 Braves 5


August 9-13, 2014



25 + Division

Braves 7 Diamond Hawgs 17
Diamond Hawgs 9 Braves 1
White Sox 9 Dodgers 8
Orioles PP Dodgers PP
Orioles PP White Sox PP
X-Tinct 14 Cardinals 10
Cardinals 5 X-Tinct 15
Wingnuts 1 Browns 9
Browns 8 Wingnuts 7

August 2-3, 2014


25 + Division

Dodgers 10 Diamond Hawgs 0
Diamond Hawgs 2 Dodgers 12
Browns L Orioles W
Orioles 8 Cardinals 2
Cardinals W Browns L
X-Tinct W Wingnuts L
Wingnuts L X-Tinct W
White Sox 24 Braves 1
Braves 0 White Sox 15
Dodgers W Braves L


July 26-30, 2014


25 + Division

Braves PP Dodgers PP
Browns PP Cardinals PP
Cardinals W Diamond Hawgs L
Diamand Hawgs W Braves L
Braves L Cardinals W
X-Tinct 7 Browns 0 (f)
Browns 0 (f) X-Tinct 7
Orioles 6 Dodgers 3
Dodgers 4 Orioles 9
White Sox 24 Wingnuts 4
Wingnuts 2 White Sox 12
Diamond Hawgs PP X-Tinct PP
Wingnuts PP Braves PP


July 19-20, 2014


25 + Division

Dodgers 7 Browns 9
Browns 3 Wingnuts 7
Wingnuts 1 Dodgers 11
Cardinals W Braves L
Braves L Cardinals W
Orioles 1 X-Tinct 11
X-Tinct 9 Orioles 0
Diamond Hawgs 2 White Sox 24
White Sox 12 Diamond Hawgs 2


July 16, 2014


25 + Division

White Sox 4 Orioles 8
Browns 3 Dodgers 1


July 2nd through 13th, 2014


25 + Division

X-Tinct W Diamond Hawgs L
Cardinals 8 Orioles 17
Wingnuts 10 White Sox 6
Orioles 5 Wingnuts 11
Winguts 12 Diamond Hawgs 2
Diamond Hawgs L Orioles W
Cardinals 7 Dodgers 17
Dodgers 13 Cardinals 3
Browns 8 White Sox 9
White Sox 8 Browns 12
X-Tinct W Braves L
Braves L X-Tinct W

Wingnuts 11  Orioles 5

Diamond Hawgs 2  Wingnuts 12

Today the Nuts took on the Orioles and Diamond Hogs in a doubleheader. The Nuts swept the doubleheader beating the Orioles 11-5 and Diamond Hawgs 12-2 behind complete games from Joe Don Dawes and Jim Bob Tackett. Joe Don is now 2-0 and Jim Bob is now 3-0 on the season! Keeping the Wingnuts undefeated on the young season at 5 & 0! Good times being a Nut!--Marc DeWeese, Wingnuts


Cardinals 8 Orioles 17

The Orioles got of to a fast start, taking a 9-0 lead after the first inning but the always scrappy cardinals added 2 runs in the second third and fourth innings making the game interesting. Chris Gatlin pitched a great game going the distance getting help from his defense to notch his first win of the season, the Orioles are 2-1 as we go on to win, the final score Orioles 17 Cardinals 8.--Reggie Smith, Orioles


Wingnuts  10  White Sox 6

The Wingnuts took the field tonight to take on the White Sox who are always a good measuring tool to play against. They are always a yearly top of the standings team. The Nuts were able to get out to a 8-1 lead over the first few innings. The Sox were able to close the gap to 8-6 by the 6th inning, but the Wingnuts were able to plate 2 runs in the top of the 7th to extend their lead to 10-6. Jim Bob Tackett finished the game off for Joey Dawes who was stellar again in his 3 innings of work only allowing 1 run.
Dawes 3-3 2RBI, 2B, 2R; Kipness 3-4 3RBI, 2B, R; Motz 2-4 RBI, 2B, R; Engelhardt 3-4 BB, 3B, 2R; Evins 1-3 R; Ryba 2-3 2R; DeWeese 1-5 2RB--Marc DeWeese, Wingnuts


June 28-29, 2014


25 + Division

Orioles 4 Browns 1
Browns 5 Orioles 1
Wingnuts 20 Dodgers 7
Braves 2 Wingnuts 13
Dodgers 13 Braves 2
X-Tinct 13 White Sox 0
White Sox 1 X-Tinct 12
Diamond Hawgs L Cardinals W
Cardinals W Diamond Hawgs L

Dodgers 13  Braves 2
A great job of pitching by Jeremy Travis going the entire game for the win.
Travis threw 5 2/3 shutout innings before an error gave the Braves their first run of the game.
Matt Garza lead the Dodgers in hitting going 3-3, one walk, two doubles and a single.
A very good opening game with a skeleton crew--Charles Fowler, Dodgers


Wingnuts 20 Dodgers 7
Today the Wingnuts kicked off their season with a double header sweep of the Dodgers and Braves. The first game against the Dodgers had a final score of 20-7. The Nuts scored in every inning of the first game and got very good pitching performances from Joey Dawes and Jim BobTackett.
DeWeese 2-6 2RBI, BB, 2R; Engelhardt 7-9 4RBI, BB, 2 2B, 6R, SB; Dawes 4-9 4RBI, BB, 3 2B, 3B, 4R; Motz 4-8 3RBI, 2BB, 2R; Joey D 2-7 RBI, 2B, 5R, 2SB; Tackett 3-5 3RBI, 2R; Kipness 3-7 5RBI, 3R, SB; Hatcher 5-7 2B, 3R, SB--Marc DeWeese, Wingnuts

Braves 2 Wingnuts 13
The final game was much the same as the Nuts plated runs in every inning except 1 against the Braves with a final of 13-2 behind the complete game win of Joe Don Dawes! Evins 1-4 RBI, 2B, 2R, SB; DeWeese 3-4 2RBI, 2R; Engelhardt 4-5 4RBI, 2B, 4R; Motz 1-3 2BB, 2R; Kipness 2-5 3RBI, R; Hatcher 3-4 2B, R.
Both games were a total team effort!
Having fun being Nuts!!!!!--Marc DeWeese, Wingnuts


Orioles 4  Browns 1

Browns 5  Orioles 1

The first two games of the season start's out very competitive for the Orioles. We faced a much improved Browns club with the biggest improvement being the pitching staff, both games were very close the Orioles take the first game behind Trent Fonville's complete game, allowing 1 run over 7 innings with 8 strikeouts, the Orioles take game one 4-1. Game two, Chris Gatlin got the start for the Orioles, he started out strong and then struggled a bit in the third inning, Mark Popejoy came in and only allowed one run, the Browns take game two 5-1, Trent Wise took a shutout into the seventh inning before giving up an RBI Double to David Valentini.--Reggie Smith, Orioles


2014 Standings

FINAL 9-14-2014

Champions: X-Tinct

Runner Up:  Browns


25+ Division MSBL

Team W L %
NWA X-Tinct (1) 19 0 1.000
West Beech Browns (3) 13 7 0.650
NWA White Sox (4) 11 8 0.579
Bentonville Dodgers (7) 8 12 0.400
Bentonville Orioles (2) 13 5 0.722
Fayetteville Cardinals (5) 9 9 0.500
NWA Wingnuts (6) 7 11 0.388
Diamond Hawgs (8) 4 14 0.222
Arkansas Braves 0 17 0.000

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