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Men's Senior/Adult Baseball League

2009 Standings and Game Summaries

Congratulations to the 2009 NWAMSBL Champions:

NWA Pirates 18+ Champions

NWA Cubs 18+ Runner-Up

FPEC Tigers 25+ Champions

Bentonville Dodgers 25+ Runner-Up

MSBL Champions FPEC Tigers MABL Champions NWA Pirates
MVP Scott Hatcher MVP Dennis Marshall
Runner Up Bentonville Dodgers Runner Up NWA Cubs

September 27th Playoffs 25+ 1st Rd and Championship with 18+ Championship


18+ MABL Championship @ Lincoln

Cubs 4 Pirates 9 1:00pmCST

25+ MSBL Championship @ Veterans Park 1 and 2

Yankees 0(f) Dodgers 1 12:30pmCST
Tigers 11 Redbirds 9 12:30pmCST
Tigers 5 Dodgers 4 3:30pmCST

September 19-20th Playoffs 18+ Rounds 1 & 2

@ Lincoln HS


18+ MABL Playoffs

Cubs 1 White Sox 0(f)
Cubs 8 Fort Smith 1
Dodgers 3 Pirates 6

September 12-13th

all games cancelled


August 29-30th


18+ MABL

Fort Smith L Cubs W
Cubs L Fort Smith W
Braves 2 White Sox 17
White Sox 10 Braves 6
Pirates W Marlins L
Marlins W Pirates L
Dodgers   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Dodgers 3 Redbirds 8
Redbirds 14 Cardinals 6
Tigers 17 Yankees 5
Yankees 1 Tigers 5



August 22-23rd


18+ MABL

Dodgers 2 Cubs 3
Cubs 2 Dodgers 1
Braves 0(f) Fort Smith 1
Fort Smith 1 Braves 0(f)
Pirates 8 White Sox 16
White Sox 3 Pirates 8
Marlins   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Dodgers 10 Tigers 4
Tigers 8 Dodgers 3
Cardinals 8 Redbirds 18
Redbirds 6 Yankees 1


August 15-16th


Arklahoma Shootout Report



25+ MSBL

Yankees W Cardinals L
Cardinals 4 Redbirds 20
Dodgers 15 Tigers 0
Tigers L Dodgers W


August 8-9th


18+ MABL

Braves L Cubs W
Cubs W Braves L
Marlins 7 White Sox 5
White Sox 5 Marlins 13
Pirates 11 Dodgers 3
Dodgers 17 Pirates 3
Fort Smith   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Redbirds 6 Tigers 2
Dodgers 17 Yankees 2
Cardinals   Dodgers  

Tigers 2  Redbirds 6

Another hot day for baseball in Lincoln Arkansas, a game in which the Redbirds needed to win to go .500 against the Tigers for the season and win they did. Kelly Sisco had the honor of pitching for the Redbirds and that is exactly what he did. Quick break down..... complete 9 inning game that produced 20 K's and 1 walk. He gave up 4 hits (2 more reached by errors) and 2 runs (1 earned run). Kelly faced 33 batters and again he struck out 20 of them...... Great job!
Redbirds jumped out early in the bottom of the first scoring 4 runs but was shut down by the tigers in the 2nd. In the top of the 3rd Kelly hung a curve and Mike Forrest connected with a great swing and sent it over the left field fence hitting the yellow railing just out of the reach of the left fielder for a solo HR for the Tigers. Kelly quickly answered with his own solo HR shot to deep center field in the bottom of the 3rd to make the score 5 to 1 after 3 complete.
The 4th, 5th and 6th were pretty calm and didn't produce any runs for either team. Redbirds produced one more run in the bottom of the 7th to make it 6 to 1. In the top of the 8th the Tigers lead off with a nice hit by Ben Dial, which he managed to stretch out for a double. Jeremy Travis then reached on an error by the Redbirds sending Ben to 3rd. Dependable Marvin Undernehr gets a single down the right field line to score the only other run for the Tigers to make the score 6 to 2 Redbirds.
Kelly closed out the 9th with a first batter strike out followed by a grounder back to him for a 1-3 2nd out. He then closed it out with a 3rd out strike out. On offense for the Redbirds it was evenly spread out and we simply were able to produce runs to support Kelly's performance on the mound. Our defense stepped it up again only producing 2 errors and only one error the week before against the Yankees in which resulted in a 16 to 1 win for the Redbirds. The Redbirds have only allowed 1 earned run and 2 unearned runs in our last 2 games and produced 22 runs on offense. Great job Redbirds and again we tip our hats to Kelly for his 20K / complete game performance.-- Kevin Kaufman / NWAMSBL 25+ Redbirds



August 1-2nd


18+ MABL

Braves 3 Marlins 12
Marlins 5 Braves 3
Dodgers 0 White Sox 16
White Sox 23 Dodgers 8
Fort Smith 9 Cubs 10
Cubs 3 Fort Smith 19
Pirates   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Yankees 4 Dodgers 8
Redbirds 16 Yankees 1
Cardinals 4 Tigers 13

Braves 3  Marlins 12

Marlins 5  Braves 3

Yes we are very close. The first game we just had one really bad inning. Our pitchers in the first game just came on board about 2 or 3 weeks ago so they are still new to the game but they will get it ironed out.I'm hoping well enough to make a playoff push!!! I have done some late season recruting for some pitchers so I hope they stay for next year and get comfortable and we will have a good team next year if we don't finish off so hot this year. The second game we pitched Eric and he started off slow but found his groove. Not a lot was being done in this game. The Braves made a few costly errors early that would come back to haunt them in the 7th. In the 7th the Braves needed just 5 runs. With the top of our lineup coming up we had a chance Nathan, who is our newest addition to the team as a left handed pitcher, lead off the 7th. He pitched a great first game only allowing 3 runs in as many innings. So he got a hit to lead off the 7th. He was put out by a fielder's choice when Dan, which played his last game as his company is sending him back to the place we all hate, TEXAS, lol sorry Dan. Then Ronnie, the grandpa of the team at a whopin 33 yrs of age got a single. So I came up to bat with 2 on and down by 5 we just needed base runners. The marlins pitcher just grooves one right over the heart of the plate and I make him pay by sending it to the deepest part of the park to bring us to within 2 runs. So Eric gets on by an error. That brings up another power hitter, Nick, but he grounds into a double play ending the Braves late inning comeback. The Marlins played a very good game.--Tony Foshe, Braves


White Sox 16  Dodgers 0

Dodgers 8  White Sox 23

I had driven 16 hours back from Destin, FL, to get to the game because I was worried about the White Sox having enough guys on another perfect day for baseball.  Knowing we would have 4 guys out due to weddings, injury, or work, I didn't expect a few other no shows.  The White Sox, with 22 on the roster, fielded 10 for game one and only 9 for game two...gees.  I had sent an email to the guys begging for a split with the league-leading Dodgers knowing that we might be short-handed.  What I did not expect upon my arrival was a stellar outing by Evan Neiser, Mark Taylor, and the White Sox offense.  Evan stunned the Dodgers hitters for 19 strikeouts in a complete game shutout victory scattering 5 hits and only one walk over the 7 innings.  The Sox hitters were led by Justin Luttrell (4-5, 2R, RBI) and Andy Miller (3-4, 2R, HR, BB, K, 3RBI). In game two, Mark Taylor once again started to fall victim to a defensive shortfall, but stood strong on the mound to strikeout 7 Dodgers batters with 7 scattered hits to get the win.  The White Sox offense was stellar in the 4th scoring 13 of the 23 runs led by Chris Huebner (3-3, 4R, HR, 2BB, RBI), Stephen Boudreaux (3-4, 3R, 2B, 2RBI), and Andy Miller (4-5, 3R, 2-2B, 2RBI)--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

July 25-26th


18+ MABL

Braves 13 Cubs 4
Cubs 11 Braves 8
Dodgers 1(f) Marlins 0
Marlins 0 Dodgers 1(f)
Fort Smith 10 Pirates 4
Pirates 13 Fort Smith 8
White Sox   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Tigers W Redbirds L
Yankees 7 Tigers 5
Dodgers W Cardinals L
Cardinals L Dodgers W


July 18-19th


18+ MABL

Braves 3 Pirates 8
Pirates 17 Braves 2
Fort Smith 12 Marlins 6
Marlins 1 Fort Smith 2
Cubs 8 White Sox 23
White Sox 10 Cubs 7
Dodgers   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Yankees 12 Redbirds 10
Redbirds 6 Dodgers 19
Tigers 15 Cardinals 3

White Sox 10  Cubs 7

Cubs 8  White Sox 23

One of the umpires today proclaimed that, "If you placed an order for a perfectly nice day, it would turn out just like this one."  Agreed.  I was personally in a bit of a fog yesterday due to lack of sleep, but from what I remember, the White Sox had a great day at the plate and some dandy pitching at times.  The return of Evan Neiser was profound in game one as he struck out 13 batters and only gave up 2 earned runs in a complete game victory.  Game two saw an improved Mark Taylor surrender only 5 earned runs striking out 8 batters in 3 2/3 innings before handing the ball to Nick Rumancik for the save in a run-ruled 5-inning game.  Key offensive players on the day include Justin Lutrell (4-6, 5R, 2HR, 2BB, 3RBI), Brandon Barr (4-5, 3R, HR, 2B, RBI, 3BB), John Michael Hairston (4-7, 2HR, 5RBI, 3B, K).  White Sox are surging just in time for an idle week.  Who makes this schedule anyway?--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


July 11-12th


18+ MABL

Cubs L Pirates W
Pirates W Cubs L
Fort Smith 1 Dodgers 10
Dodgers 2 Fort Smith 4
Braves 2 White Sox 7
White Sox 20 Braves 6
Marlins   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Yankees 4 Dodgers 14
Cardinals 8 Yankees 9
Tigers W Redbirds L

White Sox 7  Braves 2

Braves 6   White Sox 20

Game one was Levi Rush on the hill for the White Sox as part of the "5 lefties in the pen".  Levi has this pitch that I still cannot figure out from my vantage point at second base.  It looks like it is going right at the batter and then cuts left on a flat plane back over the plate.   It was this pitch and some crafty location that earned him the win in a complete game giving up only 2 ER with 6K and only 1BB.  The offense was sparked by Stephen Boudreaux (3-3, RBI), Nick Rumancik (2-3, 2B, RBI) and Andy Miller's game changing 3R HR in the 6th off the Brave's ace former javelin specialist.  Game two exposed the Braves lack of pitching depth.  The Sox had all 12 in the batting order score at least once led by Justin Lutrell (2-2, HR, 2R, RBI, HBP, BB), Brandon Barr (2-4, HR, 2R, RBI, K), Tom Spaniol (2-2, 2R, RBI, BB), Chris "Rookie" Huebner (2-2, HR, 3R, 3RBI, BB), Mark Taylor (2-2, HR, 2R, 2RBI, BB), and Nick Rumancik (2-2, 2R, 2RBI).  Rumancik took the mound for the Sox getting the win in 5 innings giving up 6 runs with 7 K and only 2 BB.  Mark Taylor gets the save with 3 batters faced and 3 Ks.  --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


July 4-5th

no games

June 27-28th


18+ MABL

Marlins 7 Pirates 4
Pirates 3 Marlins 16
Braves 0 Dodgers 13
Dodgers 18 Braves 10
Fort Smith 11 White Sox 10
White Sox 14 Fort Smith 15
Cubs   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Tigers W Cardinals L
Cardinals L Dodgers W
Redbirds 11 Yankees 6

June 20-21st


18+ MABL

White Sox 8 Pirates 14
Pirates 23 White Sox 6
Cubs 2 Dodgers 5
Dodgers 18 Cubs 5
Fort Smith W Marlins L
Marlins W

Fort Smith

Braves   IDLE  

25+ MSBL

Tigers 13 Redbirds 14
Dodgers 13 Yankees 4
Dodgers W Cardinals L

Redbirds 14 Tigers 13

Saturday was a hot windy day for our 12:30 game. Both teams came out swinging with the tigers plating 4 in the first inning and the redbirds sending 3 across the plate. We ended up tying the game in the second scoring three runs while the tigers only got two. After going scoreless in the third you could tell both teams starting pitchers were getting tired with the tigers getting 6 in the 4th and the redbirds getting 5. After the 5th it was tied again with the tigers getting another one across the plate and we got two runs, Both teams went scoreless in the 6th and the redbirds managed to get out of a jam in the top of the 7th holding the tigers to no runs. We then scored the winning run in the bottom of the 7th on a great hit down the third base line with two outs. The game only went 7 due to time limits. --Aaron Hatfield, Redbirds

June 13-14th


18+ MABL

White Sox PP Marlins PP
Marlins PP White Sox PP
Cubs PP Pirates PP
Pirates PP Cubs PP
Braves 0(f) Dodgers 1
Dodgers 1 Braves 0(f)
Fort Smith -- IDLE --
IDLE -- Fort Smith --

25+ MSBL

Tigers PP Red Sox PP
Dodgers PP Redbirds PP
Cardinals PP Yankees PP

2009 Standings


18+ Champions:  Pirates

18+ Runner Up:  Cubs

25+ Champions:  Tigers

25+ Runner Up:  Dodgers


18+ Open Divison MABL

Team W L %
Fort Smith Cardinals 11 5 0.688
NWA Pirates 10 6 0.643
Elkins Dodgers 10 6 0.643
Fayetteville Marlins 8 6 0.571
Rogers/Lowell White Sox 9 7 0.563
NWA Cubs 7 9 0.438
Arkansas Braves 1 17 0.055

25+ Division MSBL

Team W L %
Bentonville Dodgers 12 2 0.857
Siloam Springs RedBirds 9 4 0.692
FPEC Tigers 8 6 0.571
Fayetteville Yankees 4 9 0.308
Carnall Hall Cardinals 0 10 0.000


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