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October 16, 2005

Championship Game 1:30pm CST Fayetteville HS Field


Diamond Dawgs 13  vs



2005 Champion Alma Diamond Dawgs


Shane Hubbard

Dustin Brassfield

Rick Elliot

Russ Scoggins

Keith Holt

Keith Holt -- Matt Villines

Matt Villines

Shane Hubbard

photos by Stephen Boudreaux

2005 Season End Report submitted to Hardball Magazine (www.hardball.net) for inclusion in the 2005 Yearbook Issue to be published Spring 2006

The 2005 NWAMSBL Season was our first experiment in dividing a division into “competitive” and “recreational” segments. The experiment was a learning experience, but the two divisions turned out to be noticeably different. In our National Division, there was extreme parity with 7 of the 8 teams in playoff contention into the last week of the season. In the American Division, most of the losses came against National Division teams and beating each other up. In the end, three of the 5 were in the hunt for a playoff spot as well. The 2005 season witnessed some of the best baseball the Northwest Arkansas MSBL/MABL had seen in some time and some of the best officiating we had seen in at least the past 5 seasons. Arrangements with the Baseball Umpires of Northwest Arkansas (BUNWA) and its president, Alan Roper, have strengthened the relationship between that organization and the NWAMSBL. Just a few years ago, the NWAMSBL was relegated to only the “bottom of the barrel” umpires. Now, we are fortunate to have umpires that call NCAA ball, 5A High School ball, and the like. What a fantastic improvement and a great catalyst for the future of the NWAMSBL.
In mid-season, the NWAMSBL held its second annual Arklahoma Shootout Tournament. This tournament was designed by league president, Stephen Boudreaux to strengthen the relationships between the now six member leagues in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Teams were invited from the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, Southwest Oklahoma, Northeast Arkansas, and Northwest Arkansas member leagues. Attending this year’s tournament were the NEA MABL All-Stars (Jonesboro/West Memphis), the Tahlequah Thunder (Tulsa), Lowell White Sox (NWA), Fayetteville Deerz (NWA), Red Sox (NWA), and the Pirates (NWA). Great baseball was played in bracket/pool play format. The Lowell White Sox, last seasons’ NWAMSBL champions took the Arklahoma Shootout title going undefeated in pool play and the title game. Jason Wendt of the White Sox earned MVP honors (7 1/3 innings, 1ER, 5H, 0BB, 5K, 1 Win, 1 Save). Chad Harden of the NEA All Stars won the home run derby championship with 6 home runs that towered out of big Veteran’s Park in Rogers, Arkansas. This year, the Arklahoma Shootout benefited a terrific charity called Champions for Kids (www.championsforkids.org) a support and advocacy center for youth organizations, in the amount of $1000.00. Great photos of the event can be seen via our website at www.nwamsbl.com.
Our format for the 2005 NWAMSBL playoffs invited the top six teams over both divisions by record. In seed order, Fayetteville Deerz, Alma Diamond Dawgs, Bentonville Dodgers, NWACC Eagles, Lowell White Sox, and the Tigers, matched up in a single-elimination bracket tournament. In round one, the Bentonville Dodgers tussled with the 6th seed tigers to advance and the Lowell White Sox blanked the NWACC Eagles to move into round two. The Dodgers and White Sox met up with the first seed and second seeds, respectively. As the seeds seemed to dictate, the first seed Fayetteville Deerz shut out the Dodgers 14-0, and the two-seed Alma Diamond Dawgs pounced on the White Sox early to advance with a 10-2 score. In the championship game at historic Fayetteville High School Field on a beautiful 85 degree cloudless October day, Deerz pitcher Rick Elliot took the mound against Diamond Dawg skipper, Shane Hubbard. Both teams got it going early scoring two runs in the first inning. By the end of the second inning, thanks to 3 walks and a bases clearing triple by the Alma pitcher Shane Hubbard, the Dawgs jumped on top 5 - 2. Both teams added a few runs over the next 3 innings, but the Dawgs never relinquished the lead. Dusty Brassfield came in relief of Hubbard in the bottom of the 5th. By the end of the inning the score was Alma Diamond Dawgs 8 - Deerz 7. The Deerz were only able to add one more run but the Dawgs continued to pour it on finishing with a 13-8 victory. Leading Alma's offense was Keith Holt with a 4 hit day including 3 singles and a triple. 3 other Alma sluggers had a multiple hit day including Hubbard, Sean Hearn, and J. Cao (Sean Hearn report).  Shane Hubbard walks away with the NWAMSBL MVP trophy in earning the win on the mound and 3 RBI day. Kyle Cowan takes the loss in a four-pitcher platoon effort. As evidenced by the score, there were a number of standouts on both sides of the diamond. Complete wrap up and photos can be found at www.nwamsbl.com.
Two seasons ago, league president, Stephen Boudreaux, started a rewards program for an individual who contributes to the league unselfishly and is a standout representative to his team and community. This year’s recipient of the NWAMSBL League Ambassador Award is Jeff Kennett of the Pirates. Jeff is a standout first baseman and left-handed catcher (huh?) for the Pirates and general team organizer. Jeff works as an EMT and firefighter in the Northwest Arkansas area during the week where he drives an ambulance mostly in the Siloam Springs area. After his tireless work last season, Boudreaux appointed Jeff to a position on the league board to make his efforts officially recognized. Jeff did not take this appointment for granted. Rather, he stepped up his efforts assisting Boudreaux by working out season and tournament schedules, delivering baseballs across the region, helping with member disputes, facilitating arrangements for a community day at a University of Arkansas baseball game, and being a fine lieutenant and mouthpiece for the league. Congratulations to Jeff Kennett on this coveted honor. Jeff will be traveling to Phoenix for the World Series where he will play with fellow firefighters on the Albuquerque, NM Fire Department Blaze.
Lastly, the NWAMSBL was fortunate to have a very active and effective 9-member board for 2005: Charles Fowler, Dustin Wilson, Alex Fortin, Evan Press, Jeff Kennett, Sean Hearn, Zacc Arnold, and Robert Coffin, all assisting Boudreaux in all aspects of making the league go. Taking full advantage of technology, Boudreaux, a CE with MCI, frequently holds board meetings in a “virtual” fashion over email or chat which allows members to respond to issues when time permits and in writing; centralizes communications around the league website which posts data important to all league members (scores, highlights, schedules, etc.), and utilizes conference calling for meetings where the geographically spread out members might not be able to attend. The 2005 board members took full advantage of these small advantages in technology to stay active in league issues and matters. Kudos to those 8 volunteer members who took time out of their busy schedules to help the NWAMSBL grow and prosper. --Stephen Boudreaux, President

October 9, 2005

Veterans Park, Rogers


Round One 1:00pm

Seed 6 Tigers 6 vs Seed 3 Dodgers 7
Seed 5 White Sox 5 vs Seed 4 NWACC Eagles 0
Round Two 4:00pm
Winner 3 vs 6 Dodgers 0 vs Seed 1 Deerz 14
Winner 4 vs 5 White Sox 2 vs Seed 2 Diamond Dawgs 10

Reports to come:  Tigers take Dodgers to extra innings, but fall 7-6 in a nail biter.  White Sox rip the younger NWACC Eagles 5-0 in round one with a sensational pitching performance by Jason Wendt who throws the complete game shutout.  In round two, the Deerz crush the Dodgers 14-0, and the Diamond Dawgs get a number of runs spotted early and take advantage of the White Sox 10-2 to advance.  Deerz and Diamond Dawgs face off for the title next Sunday.--Stephen Boudreaux, President


October 1-2, 2005


Dodgers W NWACC Eagles F
NWACC Eagles F Dodgers W
Diamond Dawgs 4 Deerz 3
Deerz 10 Diamond Dawgs 1
Tigers W Red Sox L
Red Sox L Tigers W


Dubyas withdraw resulting in a double forfeit for Dodgers...

September 24-25, 2005


Orioles F Tigers W
Tigers W Orioles F
Diamond Dawgs PP Deerz PP
Deerz PP Diamond Dawgs PP
Red Sox PP Braves PP
Braves PP Red Sox PP
Dubyas PP NWACC Eagles PP
NWACC Eagles PP Dubyas PP
White Sox PP Arkansas Shadows PP
Arkansas Shadows PP White Sox PP

Hurricane Rita wiped out our weekend.  The Orioles failed to muster enough players for the double header versus the Tigers on Saturday, so the Orioles drop out of playoff contention with the double forfeit.  Make up games will be posted this week.--Stephen Boudreaux, President


September 17-18, 2005


Dodgers 11 Deerz 1
Deerz 4 Dodgers 14
White Sox 16 Red Sox 1
Red Sox 0 White Sox 13
Athletics W Pirates L
Braves 2 Athletics 3

Pirates 6  Athletics 14

Athletics 3  Braves 2

With the season drawing to a close the A's found themselves in a must win situation, needing 2 wins on sunday. As it turned out, they were able to win the first game easily, but the second win would require a much more effort.---The A's bats started the day with hits early and often, producing 3 runs in the 1st, 2 runs in the 2nd, and 9 runs in the 3rd innings. Standout performances included: Greg Cuzick (3-4, 2B, 3R, 3RBI), David Battaglia (3-5, 2R, 2RBI), Dave Freshwater (2-4, R, 2RBI, SB), and Kevin Kirby (2-5, R, 1RBI, SB). The Pirates effort was supplemented by two hitters with 2 hits and 2RBI apiece. A's starter (Derick Akers) allowed 6R (2ER) on 7 hits, while recording 7 strikeouts and 1 walk. The Pirates starter allowed 14R (9ER) on 10 hits and 7 walks, with 6 strikeouts over the course of 3 innings and the bullpen settled to only give up 3 hits for the remainder of the game. This closely contested game was all square at 1 after the 1st inning. The Braves took the lead 2-1 after manufacturing a run in the 3rd when the lead off hitter advanced to scoring position on an A's throwing error. However, the A's rally in the bottom of the 7th began with Justin McKissick's (1-3, 2B, R) double, followed by Kirby's (1-3, 1RBI, SB) RBI single. Kirby promptly stole second base and was driven in, to end the game, by Akers' (1-3, 1RBI) opposite field line-drive, capping an exciting come-from-behind victory for the A's. Marty Harrison (1-3, 2B, R) pitched 7 strong innings striking out 10 while allowing 0ER on 5 hits and 3 walks.--Derrick Akers, Athletics

Dodgers 11  Deerz 1

Deerz 4  Dodgers 14

In the first game Rich Conner pitched a 3 hitter, with 7 strike outs, in a 5
inning mercy rule game that the Dodgers won 11-1. The Dodgers capitalized
on some sloppy defense, and scored 7 runs in the first inning, and never
looked back the rest of the day. The Deers committed 5 errors in the game,
and hit 4 batters while walking 4 batters. The Dodgers added 8 hits, led by
Chris Ogle and Eric Exner who had two hits apiece. Zacc Arnold, Don Primm,
Jim Enneking and Charles Fowler also added singles.  In the second game, the Dodgers won another shortened game, 14-4. John Thompson gave up 5 hits, while striking out 5. He also helped himself with a 3 run homer in the 4th. Zacc Arnold had a pair of doubles in the win to help pace the 9 hit attack.--Eric Exner, Dodgers



September 10-11, 2005


Dodgers 9 Athletics 4
Athletics 2 Dodgers 8
Braves L NWACC Eagles W
NWACC Eagles W Braves L
Pirates 9 Orioles 3
Diamond Dawgs 5 Pirates 4
White Sox 9 Dubyas 2
Dubyas 11 White Sox 1

White Sox 9  Dubyas 2

Dubyas 11  White Sox 1

Certainly a tale of two games...In game one, Sox pitcher, Kurt Nantkes lived up to his billing and had the best command and control of pitches I had seen in some time.  The Dubyas were stymied with only 2 base hits and 11Ks (7Inn, 1H, 11K, 2ER, 3BB, 1HBP).  The Sox bats were hot with Nantkes helping himself with a 3RHR and Robert Foshe going 3 for 4, Troy Flood 2 for 2 1RBI, and Stephen Boudreaux 2 for 3 with an RBI.  Game two was a reversal of fortune.  The White Sox committed 5 errors in the field and lost total team chemistry.  At the plate, Dubyas pitcher, Mitch Tisher kept the Sox off balance throughout 6 1/3 innings before suffering a devastating arm break on his final pitch.  Apparently, the stress of throwing from three different arm angles and with such velocity, Mitch's humorous snapped offering a loud crack heard throughout the ball park.  All witnesses were sickened by the event, but what sickens the most is the consequence of Mitch not being present on the ball field.  Great guy and great ball player.  He will be sorely missed not just by the Dubyas, but by us all.  --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

Pirates 9  Orioles 4

First game against the Orioles the visiting Pirates won 9-3. Keith Holt was pitching a perfect game into the 5th inning. Then in the fifth the pirates had there standard inning of hell. We got through that inning and it was smooth sailing form there on out.--Jeff Kennett, Pirates
Diamond Dawgs 5  Pirates 4
Second game against the Diamond Dawgs. This was a tight game between an obviously improved Pirates team and a Diamond Dawgs team coming off an off week. The first two innings saw no scoring and good pitching and defense from both teams. In the third inning the Pirates had an error or  two and the Diamond Dawgs scored 3 runs. They scored two more runs an inning or two later. One of those runs came on a controversial call at the plate when a Diamond Dawgs base runner was safe at the plate after a wild pitch. The pirates were fairly certain that guy was out. It was a definite blow. An inning earlier the Pirates had a base runner called out in a similar situation. The score stood at 5-1 into the bottom of the 7th when the Pirates came up for their last chance to pull out a win. The top of the lineup was up and things were looking good. The leadoff batter was out on an easy grounder to SS. Then the next 5 batters all made it on base. 3 runs had scored and with one out the Pirates had a man on third. Unfortunately the next two batters struck out. All in all though it was a good game. Everybody in attendance thought so. --Jeff Kennett, Pirates



August 27-28, 2005


Dodgers W Pirates L
Pirates W Dodgers L
White Sox 8 Diamond Dawgs 4
Diamond Dawgs 3 White Sox 1
Tigers L Dubyas W
Deerz 8 NWACC Eagles 3
NWACC Eagles 4 Deerz 10
Braves 3 Athletics 14
Athletics 14 Braves 5

Deerz 8  NWACC Eagles 3

NWACC Eagles 4  Deerz 10

On Sunday, the Deerz played the NWACC Eagles in a double header at Fayetteville hIgh School. The scores were 8-3 and 10-4. the starting pitcher for the Deerz, Rick Elliot got plunked early in the game in the back of the neck and had to be carted off the field in the ambulance. he was taken to the hospital and is doing fine now. after that Matt Villines took the bump and battled early. Brandon Atha pitched a solid game for the Eagles in game one.  In game two of the deouble header, Kyle Cowan took the hill for the Deerz and could not be touched. He threw a solid four innings of one hit baseball. The Deerz bats rallied for ten runs to allow Jimmy Coldiron to hold the game under control. Chad Lipsmeyer and Justin Siebenmorgan both had home runs on the evening.--Matt Villines, Deerz

White Sox 8  Diamond Dawgs 7

Diamond Dawgs 3  White Sox 1

In game one, White Sox pitcher Jason Wendt threw an excellent game giving up no walks and giving up only one earned run.  With the score 3-1 in favor of the Diamond Dawgs going into the top of the 7th, the White Sox were worried Wendt's efforts would be wasted.  Diamond Dawg pitcher, Shane Hubbard had thrown 6 strong innings and had the Sox bats as quiet as they were the week before.  However, Hubbard was visibly tired and the White Sox took advantage scoring 7 runs in the 7th.  The Dawgs picked up one run, but it wasn't enough to over come the comeback.  In game two, the White Sox couldn't put together any meaningful string of hits to support Kurt Nantkes' stellar pitching performance (7in, 9Ks, 1BB, 3ER).  Nantkes was also 2 for 2 at the plate with a double and a triple and the only RBI of the game for the Sox.  The playoff race is getting heated going into the stretch run with the Deerz running away with the league and the other three playoff spots up for grabs.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

Athletics 14  Braves 3

Braves 5  Athletics 14

Athletics score 14 runs in each game of double-header vs Braves--Franklin Field, Siloam Springs - The Athletics wonGame One of Sunday's double-header 14-3. The A's scoring outburst began in the 3rd inning when 5 consecutive batters scored. More runs were added to the lead the following inning when 4 consecutive batters reached and scored. Athletics second baseman Justin McKissick (2-4, 4RBI) ended the game in the bottom of the 5th with a 2RBI single, invoking the 10-run rule.  At bats were plentiful with for the Athletics with all but one player having 4 plate appearances each.  Notable performances included: Dave Freshwater (2-4, 2RBI, 3R), Craig Marsh (2-3, 2RBI, 3R), Marty Harrison (2-4, 1RBI, 3R), and Greg Cuzick (2-4, 2R).  In the field, the Athletics committed two errors in the first inning leading to a run, before settling to play solid defense for the remainder of the contest. Athletics pitching (Derick Akers) was steady allowing 2 ER on 7 hits and 1 walk through 5 innings of work, while striking out 7 batters.  Highlights for the Braves included Keith Dixon (2-3, 1R) and Matt Esqoviel (1-3, 2RBI). Braves pitching gave up 14 runs (11 ER) on 14 hits. The Braves scored two in the last inning with 2 outs on a bases loaded single by Josh Norris (1-2, 1 RBI).  In Game Two the Athletics started scoring again in the 3rd inning, when 3 consecutive batters reached and scored. Adding one run in the 4th and two in the 5th, the A's posted 4 runs in both the 6th and 7th innings to win the game by a count of 14-5. The Braves scored one in both the 3rd and 4th. After scoring 3 in the bottom of  7th inning, the Braves' rally ended on a grounder back to the pitcher to close out  the game. Offensively, Dave Freshwater set the tone for the A's going 3-5 with 3RBI. Greg Cuzick (2-4, 3RBI, 2R), Craig Marsh (2-5, 2RBI, 2R), Marty Harrison (2-5, 2RBI, 2R), Matt Richardson (2-4, 1RBI, 2R) and Dave Battaglia (2-4, 3R) contributed 2 hits apiece and 8 RBIs collectively, while combining to score 11 runs.  For the A's Marty Harrison allowed 2 ER on 6 hits and 3 walks (striking out 9) in six innings. Dave Battaglia, who entered the game in the 7th, gave up 2 ER on 3 hits and 1 walk (one strikeout) in the final frame. Braves pitching continued to struggle allowing 14 runs (9 ER) on 14 hits over the course of 7 innings.  Leading the way for the Braves were Josh Norris (3-4, 2RBI), Keith Dixon (2-3, 2RBI, 1R), and Matt Esqoviel (2-4).  The Athletics improved to 8-6 on the year and are scheduled to play again versus the Bentonville Dodgers on Saturday, September 10, 2005 @ Franklin Field in Siloam Springs, while the Braves face the NWACC Eagles on Sunday, September 11, 2005 @ Veterans Park (South) in Rogers. --Derrick Akers, Athletics



August 20-21, 2005


White Sox 4 Dodgers 3
Dodgers 5 White Sox 1
White Sox 1 Athletics 3
Athletics 7 White Sox 6
Orioles L Diamond Dawgs W
Diamond Dawgs W Orioles L
Pirates 5 NWACC Eagles 10
Tigers 3 Deerz 13
Deerz 24 Tigers 4
Red Sox W Braves L
Braves W Red Sox L

White Sox 4  Dodgers 3

Dodgers 5  White Sox 1

White Sox 1  Athletics 3

Athletics 7  White Sox 6

I probably made a poor choice trying to do the right thing for the league by subjecting my own team to four games in two days.  After pitching Wednesday night, I was in no shape by the start of the weekend, let alone pulling the quadruple-header.  In the first game on Saturday, the White Sox faired well behind an excellent pitching performance by Jason Wendt (7in, 1ER, 6K, 32 total pitches) to get the win and stop a late rally by the Dodgers.  In game two, the White Sox scheduled pitcher, Jordan Cross failed to make it to the game due to the power blackout in NWA clogging up traffic.  I sent wiley veteran, Troy Flood to the hill who, after giving up a three run homer and four total runs in the first settled down to allow only one run afterwards.  The Sox, however, could not muster the bats against Dodger ace, John Thompson who only gave up 8 scattered hits to the otherwise stout White Sox lineup.  After the Cardinals folded their season, I decided to find the Athletics another opponent and the White Sox were the only team readily available on short notice.  Unfortunately, we could only muster 10 position players and were missing a chunk of our starting lineup and pitching rotation.  Jordan Cross pitched a dandy in the first game allowing only 1ER and striking out 9.  Jason Wendt relieved giving up 2.  The tired White Sox had nothing at the plate in the first game and things would only worsen as the day went on.  In game two, (fourth in 24 hours) Jason Wendt pitched a great 6 innings (14 innings in 24hrs), but left exhausted with a 6-2 lead.  Troy Flood came in to try and finish the game, but gave up 5 runs while the Sox watched the lead and the weekend evaporate into a forgettable moment.  Not to take anything away from the Athletics, but the White Sox were beaten before the day began. The White Sox drop three of four on the weekend and trust that their skipper will never make them try this again.  This also opens the door for playoff contention as it looks as if anyone can get in now...--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

Tigers 3  Deerz 13

Deerz 24  Tigers 4 (ouch!)

The Deerz came out swinging and swept the Tigers. First game was 13-3 and the second was 24-4. Rick Elliott started for threw 5 string innings and stuck out 9. Ty Morman came in to close the game. Offensively, the Deerz were led by Kyle Jones who went 11-11 on the day with 4 stolen bases and 11 RBI's. The Tigers had good defense but Deerz bats were too hot. During the secong game, Matt Villines took the hill. He gave up an early run but settled down to give a strong outing for the Deerz. It was a 11-4 after 6 innings of play but the Deerz bats came alive with 18 hits pounding out 13 runs. If not for Christopher Bobbitt striking out twice in the same inning, the Deerz Christian Pummill was likely to go 3-3 in the 7th inning. Bradin Watson was second offensively for the Deerz with 8 hits. Every Deerz playert had atleast 4 hits. The Tigers were a fun team to play and very respectable. They showed perfect sportsmanship and we wish them the best of luck. The umpires did a great job on a hot long day. Best umpiring crew the Deerz have seen this year.--Matt Villines, Deerz


August 17, 2005

34+ Division

Boudreaux's KnuckleBallers 7  The TomKatz 6

Charles Fowler has been working diligently to create a new 38+ Division of the NWAMSBL to play on Wednesday nights.  With the low turnout, the age limit was dropped to 34+ which brought out some new bodies.  Tonight, we split the teams up between mostly league board members on one side led by me, and the regular attendees in the 34+ nights led this time by Tom Katz.  In my first complete game pitching performance in nearly 20 years, I was tossing all knuckleballs from the hill and, for the most part had a many of the batters swinging over and before every pitch.  A few pitches flew wild which allowed the TomKatz team to creep back into the game, but a few extra floaters did 'em in.  I think I ended up with 6 strikeouts and 5 walks giving up 6 runs.  Not too bad for a 37 year old that hasn't pitched a whole game since he was 18.  Yeah, I am sore.  But the night was a blast, no pressure, a lot of camaraderie, and fun baseball.  Alex Fortin started for the TomKatz and was hit pretty hard at first, but settled in for a few K's.  Tom Katz relieved in the last inning.  Participants included Jeff Kennett, Evan Press, Alan Davidson, Linden Lewis, Charles Fowler, Mark Jackson, Dan Tillman, Trea Taylor, Jesse Floyd, Keith Holt, Dustin Wilson, and others that I cannot rattle off the top of my head.  If you are over 34 and love baseball and want to share in this event, come out to Phillips Park on Wednesday nights. Great fun!--Stephen Boudreaux, The Front Office 

Charles Fowler reports:  Wednesday Night baseball is a HIT. This past week the Wednesday night league had a great time playing ball with some help of the MSBL Board. One team made up primarily of board members took on a team of basically 38+ rookies and we had a great time. Steve Boudreaux pitched for the board team throwing only knuckle balls. The board team held a 5-0 lead for 3 innings. Then the 38+ made a great comeback and the game finished at [snip 7-6 the real score]. Allen Davidson made a game saving catch in left field on which was most likely the best hit ball by Jim Lingle since Jim joined the league. Lingle had to be restrained from charging left field with a bat. Actually if he had been allowed to run all the way out there he would not have had any strength to do anything.  The number of players signed up for Wednesday nights has grown to where we have enough to play if everyone shows up, however because of travel for work we still could use a few more. The age requirement has been lowered to 34 so if anyone is interested in playing we will be at Phillips Park in Bentonville at 6:30 for at least the next 4 weeks.  Games start at 7:00 and we play until about 9:30 The cost to play is very low so money should not be a problem. For more info contact Charles Fowler at fowler@nwa.quik.com or call 640-8796.--Charles Fowler


August 13-14, 2005


Orioles 9 Red Sox 6
Red Sox 10 Orioles 7
Pirates 8 Tigers 2
Tigers 11 Pirates 3
Cardinals PP Dodgers PP
Athletics 3 Deerz 11
Deerz 18 Athletics 8
NWACC Eagles PP White Sox PP
White Sox PP NWACC Eagles PP
Dubyas PP Braves PP
Braves PP Dubyas PP

Weekend Results:

A rain soaked weekend again.  A pair of splits on Saturday with the O's and Red Sox and Pirates and Tigers.  A triple play was turned by the Red Sox in their series with the Orioles.  Don't hear about that very often.  Bases loaded with nobody out and a ball popped up near the catcher that landed fair and two runners thrown out as a result.  The Deerz continue to roll over the competition as they sweep the Athletics.  Playoff races are beginning to tighten up as we pass the half way point. Make up games will be scheduled as quickly as possible.  Most teams are booked most weekends, so please expect the possibility of a mid-week game or double-header to get your games caught up.  Thanks--Stephen Boudreaux, Front Office

Orioles 9  Red Sox 6

Red Sox 10  Orioles 7

The Red Sox’s were praying for rain on Saturday at Franklin field. Things Started out not to good for the Red Sox missing 4 of their key players plus the coach. However Red Sox’s first baseman Heath Robinson had some friends that wanted to play ball. The Orioles also had some key members missing, but with a few extra fill in players the game was on. Red Sox’s Mike Surane came out swinging with his second home run of the season. The score was close all through the game, but in the 6th the Orioles added 3 runs putting the score 9-6. The Red Sox’s tried to make a comeback in the 7th but only rallied for 2 runs. Final score 9-8 Orioles.  Second game no rain yet and getting hotter, but the Red Sox’s wasn’t leaving with out a W. Red Sox’s pitcher Dallas somebody was throwing the heat and the Orioles bats couldn’t keep up. In the third the Red Sox’s pulled off the season’s first triple play (as far as I know). Orioles tied the Sox’s in the 6th but the Sox’s had one more chance at bat before time expired. Red Sox’s player Mike Surane hit a single and stole second. Chris Mullen hit a double to bring Mike home, and then Tony Alvarado Hit a double to bring Chris home. Tony stole third and made it home after a ball passed the catcher. It was HOT but a good time. Final score 10-7 Red Sox. Special thanks to Josh Morris, Ken Morris and Steve Harrison for filling in the gaps on the Red Sox roster--Clinton Preston, Red Sox

August 6-7, 2005


Tigers PP Deerz PP
Athletics PP Tigers PP
Pirates 3 Red Sox 6
Red Sox 12 Pirates 6
Dodgers PP Cardinals PP
Cardinals PP Dodgers PP
Orioles 6 Braves 2
Braves 9 Orioles 8
Diamond Dawgs 4 NWACC Eagles 5
NWACC Eagles 5 Diamond Dawgs 3
Athletics L Dubyas W
Dubyas W Athletics L

Diamond Dawgs 4  NWACC Eagles 5

NWACC Eagles 5  Diamond Dawgs 3

Sunday, August 7th, the Diamond Dawgs traveled to Franklin Field in Bentonville to take on the Eagles. Short 4 guys, two of whom were starters; the Alma squad made the trip a little short handed. Though both contests were close, the Dawgs just couldn’t mount enough offense and fell short on both. In the first game, the Alma pitcher was literally knocked out of the game. Lead off Eagle hitter in the 3rd inning, hit a line shot off of Hubbard’s right shin. Shane walked off the shot and decided to continue. On his third trip to the plate, Eagle lead off man Jarrell again hit it back towards the pitcher. This time his hit struck Diamond Dawg hurler flush on the elbow causing his early exit. Hubbard left the game down 4 to 2. Wade took over the pitching duties and only gave up one more run over the remaining two and a half innings. Down 5-2, the Dawgs refused to go down without a fight. Alma was able to score 2 more runs to get within one and load the bases, but that was where it ended. Alma lost the first game 5-4.   The second game saw more of the same – the Diamond Dawgs produced some offense but were never able to bunch enough hits together to come out on top. Again, going into their last at bat, this time down 5-3, the Dawgs were able to load the bases but couldn’t capitalize on it. They lost the second game 5-3. Gisler and Meek teamed up for the Eagle win while Dusty Brassfield was charged with the loss.  The Diamond Dawgs have this upcoming weekend off but will step on the diamond again Sunday August 21st. The third Sunday in Alma will see a 2 game tilt against the Orioles from Greenwood. Having already dropped 2 games to the Dawgs, the O’s should be hungry for some payback. There is never a charge to see the MSBL games in Alma, so come out and support the teams. Questions or info: www.AlmaDiamondDawgs.com or call Sean Hearn at 461-3539.--Sean Hearn, Alma Diamond Dawgs

Correction:  Jarrell hit the pitcher twice in two consecutive at bats. Kyle Meek plays third base, and Kyle Minor won the second game, finishing it out after Aaron Gisler left with a strained back. Another note - Golden Eagles head coach, and first baseman/outfielder Josh Brumley went 4 for 5 with 4 of the Eagles's 9 RBI in the doubleheader. --Ben Steiger, NWACC Eagles Official Statistician

Red Sox 6  Pirates 3
Red Sox 12  Pirates 6

Redsox pitcher Chris Mullen pitched a quality game 1 against the Pirates batters this weekend. Although the Redsox had a couple of errors in the first to give the Pirates a 2 to 0 lead Chris collected 5 K's and only gave up 1 earned run in 6 innings of work. Chris would also help his cause with 3 hits and 2 RBI's. Brian Sneed, Jeremy Rodgers, Marty Manwiller, and Heath Robinson were some of the other hot bats in this game. Brandon Roberts would come on in the 7th to finish the game and collect the save.   Game two would only go six innings due to time. The Sox bats got hot in the third inning with 6 hits and 3 walks to bring the score to 12/2. Brent Redmond went 2 for 3 and collected two RBI's as well as Jeremy Rodgers, Chris Mullin, Brian Sneed and Heath Robinson. The Pirates would try to rally in the third scoring 3 runs but were eventually quitted by Dallas's pitching.--Clinton Preston, Red Sox


July 31, 2005


White Sox 11 Pirates 1
Pirates 6 White Sox 9

White Sox 11  Pirates 1

Pirates 6  White Sox 9

The White Sox come off a layoff week after claiming the Arklahoma Shootout Championship two weeks ago.  Kurt Nantkes took the mound in the first game and was pitching a dandy before his back started giving him fits after two complete.  Troy Flood came in to relieve throwing five.  Flood let the pesky Pirates creep back into the game after the Sox had a 9-2 lead.  Flood silenced his own bullpen threat to close the game with a nifty strikeout.  The White Sox got 10 hits off Pirate pitcher Evan Press whose unorthodox delivery had us on our heels at times.  Danny Dodge of the Pirates once again was the highlight against Sox pitchers roping two doubles.  In the second game, the White Sox offense was the story scoring 11 runs in support of Jason Wendt's stellar complete game outing (5in, 4h, 1ER, 9Ks).  Brandon Barr went 2 for 3 with RBI and 2 runs, and Alex Fortin finally came around to his usual output at the plate with a 4 for 5 day with three runs scored and three RBI.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


Brandon Barr

Danny Dodge (Pirates)

Tom Katz directs Dustin Wilson the the plate

Alex Fortn

Kurt Nantkes, Andy Miller, Patrick Taliaferro

Pirate runner gets back while Patrick Taliaferro receives

Photos by Katherine Filbeck

July 23-24, 2005


Orioles W Dodgers L
Dodgers PP Orioles PP
Red Sox 1 NWACC Eagles 7
NWACC Eagles PP Red Sox PP
Tigers 7 Braves 8
Athletics 10 Pirates 0
Pirates 3 Athletics 6
Diamond Dawgs 0 Dubyas 4
Dubyas 0 Diamond Dawgs 9
Cardinals 6 Deerz 7
Deerz 5 Cardinals 4

Deerz 5  Cardinals 4

Cardinals 6  Deerz 7

Red Sox 1  NWACC Eagles 7

NWACC Eagles  Red Sox (PP Rain)

The N.W.A.C.C Golden Eagles took the first game of a scheduled doubleheader 7-1 from the Red Sox in a weather shortened game. The game started with temperatures in the triple digits, as the Eagles followed the weather; starting out hot, scoring a run in the opening inning. Brandon Atha (4-1) took the mound for the Eagles and as he has done so well all season, assumed control. The Eagles piled on more runs to support Atha, with the help of several Red Sox errors in the second through fifth innings as several players contributed with key hits. After the fifth inning, the storm that had approached and threatened for the past few innings finally burst with a roar, as vivid lighting, complete with sheets of torrential rain, soaking everyone, and everything. After attempting to wait it out for about fifteen minutes, the game was called, but fortunately for the Eagles, it was in the books as a win. A makeup game will be in place shortly--Ben Steiger, NWACC Eagles Official Statistician

Athletics 10  Pirates 0

Pirates 3  Athletics 6

Athletics Sweep Pirates in Two Game Series
Fans of the Northwest Arkansas Athletics (4-2) have come to expect excellent pitching from the experienced tandem of Derik Akers and Marty Harrison which they certainly got on Sunday afternoon. However, many team faithful were excited to see the batting prowess of the A's who pounded out 21 hits on the way to 10-0 and 6-3 victories against the Pirates (1-6) in a late double-header at Veteran's Field in Rogers.
The A's, whose bats have been red hot of late, have won four straight games by a combined score of 37-10 and seem to be hitting their stride as they enter the heart of the 05' season. Akers (2-1) allowed only 3 hits and no runs in seven pitched innings and recorded 11 k's during the 4 o' clock game , while Harrison (2-1) allowed 6 hits and 3 runs with 11 k's during the 7 o' clock game.
The potent batting trio of Greg Cuzick, Dave Battaglia, and Craig Marsh accounted for 10 of the A's 16 runs as well as 10 of the 21 hits. Highlights of the night were a diving catch by Battaglia at short for an out, and Marsh gunning out two runners trying to reach extra bases which effectively ended any chance of a comeback by the Pirates.--Jay Graves, Arkansas Athletics
Game 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Arkansas Athletics 0 0 5 0 2 2 1 - - 10 9 1
Pirates 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - 0 3 2
Game 2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Pirates 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 - - 3 6 2
Arkansas Athletics 0 2 1 1 2 0 X - - 6 12 2

Diamond Dawgs 0  Dubyas 4

Dubyas 0  Diamond Dawgs 9

This past Sunday saw 2 excellent ballgames at the Alma High School Field. The Dubyas from NW Arkansas drove down the hill for a double hitter against the (5-0) undefeated Alma Diamond Dawgs. The first game was a pitcher’s dual between Alma’s Hubbard and Springdale’s Reed. After 4 in the books, there was still no score and 8 strike out between the two hurlers. With two men on in the top of the 5th inning, the Dubya’s Pitcher – Reed stepped to the plate and went yard over the left field fence. The visitors scored one more insurance run in the top of the 7th to go up 4-0 and give the Dawgs their first loss of the season. This was definitely a well-played game defensively on both sides of the diamond.  The second game was a different story all together. Alma’s Pitcher Dusty Brassfield threw a complete game shut out with 4 strikeouts. The Dawgs finally found some offense and plated 2 runs in the 3rd, and 1 in the 5th to jump up 3-0. They finished strong in their last at bat to put things out of reach by scoring another 6 runs to win 9-0. 4 of the Diamond Dawg starters had multiple hit games and Greg Guess went 3 for 3 with a walk and 3 RBIs.  The Diamond Dawgs sit atop their division with a 6-1 record. They will have this weekend off but will be back in action Sunday August 7th up at Phillips field in Rogers against the Eagles. Questions or ticket info: www.AlmaDiamondDawgs.com
--Sean Hearn, Alma Diamond Dawgs

Tigers 7  Braves 8

The Braves sent Robert Welsh to the mound. He pitched a complete game of 9
innings with 5 K's, 6 hits, and allowed 7 runs. The Tigers sent their young
gun, Zeb, to the mound. He pitched a complete game as well with 6 K's, 8 hits,
and allowed 8 runs. The Braves had a tuff time getting anything going in the
first four innings. The Tigers were hitting the ball good and were hitting it
into short outfield. The Tigers were getting runs the whole game. The Braves
were hitting the ball but the Tigers outfield was playing so deep they couldn't
find a hole. The Tigers had the lead the whole game until the 9th inning when
the Braves needed 3 to tie and 4 to win. Then in the 9th inning the Braves
finally rallied with some help of the Tigers errors. The Tigers left their
young pitcher in just one inning to long. The Braves had the top of the lineup
coming up in the 9th. Keith Dixon (2-4) hit a single to lead off the inning.
Then the Braves had their 3,4,5 hitters get on base by walk or error. Then
Robert Smith hit to shortstop and the ball got past the first baseman and 2
runs scored and the Braves won 8-7 in 9 innings. --Tony Foshe, Braves www.leaguelineup.com/arkbraves

July 16-17, 2005

Arklahoma Shootout 2005

Report is Here


July 9-10, 2005


Red Sox L Dodgers W
Pirates 4 Orioles 8
Orioles 5 Pirates 3
White Sox 4 Cardinals 9
Cardinals 7 White Sox 9
NWACC Eagles 1 Red Sox 3
Braves 5 NWACC Eagles 10
Braves 2 Athletics 13
Diamond Dawgs 7 Tigers 0
Tigers PP Diamond Dawgs PP

NWACC 1  Red Sox 3
Braves 5  NWACC 10

The Red Sox took the opening game of the Golden Eagle’s afternoon three to one, due mainly to the fact that the Red Sox hurler threw slowly, but very effectively to the tune of three hits for the Eagles. Two came from Brandon Atha’s bat, including an off-the-top-fence double that normally would have been a 335 foot home run. The defense lost this one; allowing two to three unearned runs, wasting a splendid outing by Tyler Morris. (0-1).  In the second game, it appeared that NWACC would follow their previous habits, and throw the game away, as they allowed four runs in the opening inning. However, after two team meetings on the field, a weather delay, and aided by Brandon Atha’s (3-1) superb pitching, the Eagles rallied. In the second inning, the recently returned catcher, Clay Hankins, hit a RBI triple off the fence, and one other was added. In the fourth inning, Clay Hankins and Ryan Smith both contributed RBI’s, and in the fifth inning, Ronnie Vargas hit a two run home run, his second in as many weekend outings of baseball. The Eagles finished it off in the fifth and sixth innings, adding a few more runs that sealed the game. --Ben Steiger, NWACC Eagles Official Statistician
White Sox 4  Cardinals 9

Cardinals 7  White Sox 9

In a re-match of last season's championship games, the Siloam Springs Cardinals got themselves back on track at the expense of the White Sox in game one.  The White Sox came out flat in that first game mustering only 4 runs against crafty veteran, Andy Crowson.  Crowson was the MSBL MVP in 2003 for the Tigers and has been a journeyman pitcher with four teams in as many years.  Andy has always seemed to have the Sox's number as the lefty gave up nine hits along with 7 Ks, but the hits were meaningless and scattered.  Troy Flood took the mound for the White Sox, but was as uncharacteristically as sour as he seemed to feel that day.  Flood pulled himself after 5 innings behind by a run.   Matt "Yank" Rivard came on to relieve in a pressure situation, but the Cardinal bats stayed hot like I expected them to be all day.  In game two, the White Sox threw rookie Jason Wendt at the Cardinal sluggers.  Although Wendt surrendered a number of hits (14), the Cardinals couldn't string them together well enough to over come the White Sox game two rally with 14 hits of their own.  Wendt also picked off two runners in the game.  For the White Sox on the day:  Alex Fortin (4-6, 2B, 3RBI), Robert Foshe (4-6, 3RBI), Stephen Boudreaux (3-6, 2RBI), Tom Katz (3-6, RBI).  --Stephen  Boudreaux, White Sox


Brandon Barr

out at the plate

Ron Miller (umpire) Stephen Boudreaux (scoring), Newt Gregory

Robert Foshe (L) and Kevin Kaufman

Kevin Kaufman

Tom Katz (39) safe and Newt Gregory

I think this is Lyndall Bolinger in the dust scoring

post game handshake

Photos by Katherine Filbeck

Braves 2  Athletics 13 

The Northwest Arkansas Athletics (2-2) won a decisive victory over the Braves (1-4) in Siloam Sunday Night, bringing their season record  to .500 and putting them back in the playoff hunt.  The Athletics won 13-2 in 4.5 innings of play highlighted by the strong pitching of Derick Akers (1-1) who allowed only four hits.  The Athletics' bats were also strong Sunday night, amassing 12 hits in just four at bats with a 7run first inning.  The Athletics look to continue their winning ways in a double header against the Pirates on the 24th while the Braves face the Tigers on the same date.--Jay Graves, Athletics


July 6, 2005 (Wednesday)


Deerz 3 Dubyas 2
Dubyas 2 Deerz 6

Dubyas 2  Deerz 3

Deerz 6  Dubyas 2

I watched part of the first game and what I can report is that both of these teams have high quality talent.  Great pitching on both sides and swift feet and strong arms in the field.  Due to some of the pitching prowess, I didn't see a lot of offense while I was at the park, but I did see some great cuts and a few great hacks.  The Dubyas are salty and have a number of collegiate veterans that know how to play the game.  They might have "underestimated the NWAMSBL talent a little" according to manager, Jaime Nuessner, but with the strongest stretch of their schedule behind them, they could rally their seasoned troops and run the table.   The Deerz are young and brash, but are very athletic.  Most of these guys have played together before.  They can back up their confidence with their athleticism.  Look for both of these teams to compete for top spots come seasons' end.--Stephen Boudreaux, League President

June 25-26, 2005


Dodgers 4 NWACC Eagles 7
NWACC Eagles 16 Dodgers 9
Tigers 11 Braves 4
Braves 18 Tigers 12
Diamond Dawgs 10 Pirates 6
Pirates 1 Diamond Dawgs 6
Red Sox 5 Athletics 8
Cardinals 1 Dubyas 2
Dubyas 13 Cardinals 3
White Sox 8 Orioles 3
Orioles 2 White Sox 19

Dodgers 4  NWACC Eagles 7

NWACC Eagles 16  Dodgers 9


Chris Ogle with a great swing.

John Thompson strikes out.

Troy Steiner

Zacc Arnold delivers.

photos by AJ Exner

The N.W.A.C.C. Golden Eagles swept their doubleheader with the Bentonville Dodgers 7-3 and 15-9. In the first game, Brandon Atha (2-1) threw a complete game, giving up three runs, no walks. Ronnie Vargas hit a solo home run with a broken toe.   In the second game, after chasing the starter for six runs in the opening inning, the Bentonville Dodgers appeared to have assumed full control. Ronnie Vargas came into pitch, and settled the Eagles down, allowing only three runs after the first inning complete with broken toe, throwing effectively until the 5th inning. However, N.W.A.C.C clawed back into the game, with a four run inning to make in 6 to 4. However, the Dodgers scored three more runs, and reassumed control. The fifth inning was N.W.A.C.C.’s time, as Brandon Atha’s (2-1) rubber arm returned to shut down the Dodgers.When the Eagles came up to bat, the bats suddenly caught fire, and poured in nine runs to capture the lead, helped by several Dodger errors after a short weather delay. In the sixth, Atha set them down one, two and three, and N.W.A.C.C. scored 3 more runs to make it the final score, 15 to 9. --Ben Steiger, NWACC Eagles Official Statistician
Tigers 11  Braves 4

Braves 18  Tigers 12

Braves sent Josh Norris to the hill in the first game against the Tigers but
failed to give him any run support. Norris started out with some trouble. He walked the first batter and then hit the second batter. Then the Braves defense couldn't make a play. The Braves looked great with the first two hitters with Keith Dixon leading off with a triple and Tony Foshe following up with a two run homer over the left field fence. The Tigers were hitting the ball good. The Tigers put up 5 runs on Norris in two innings of work. Seth McKinze came in to relief in the 3rd. McKinze did great job only allowing two runs in 4 innings of work. Dixon then came into relief in the 7th and allowed 4 runs in one inning. The Braves left 3 runners in scoring position. The final score was Tigers 11 Braves 4. The second game The Braves sent southpaw Andy Welsh to the mound. Andy Welsh allowed 3 runs in two innings of work. Seth Thompson pitched one inning allowing 3 runs. Robert Welsh picked up the win throwing 3 innings and allowing 6 runs. The Braves started out slow on the offensive side. They only scored 3 runs in the first. During the 4th we had to take a break for the rain. When the game resumed the Braves were unstoppable and were hitting everything thrown. The Braves racked up 15 runs in the final three innings. The final score was Braves 18 Tigers 12. --Tony Foshe, Braves


Troy Flood

Andy Miller

Eugene Burton (L) and Sam Burch

Do you believe the umpire called that a strike?  Yep...

It was a hot day in Fort Smith (Eugene Burton)

The Oriole Battery

photos by Stephen Boudreaux

White Sox 8  Orioles 3

Orioles 2  White Sox 19

In game one, the Orioles took advantage of a few key errors by the White Sox to get on the board early.  Beyond that, it was a pitchers duel through extra innings into the 9th with the score tied 3-3.  On the mound for the White Sox starting Dustin Wilson (1 run on 2 hits 3innings) relieved by newcomer, Jason Wendt who went the final 6 innings (2 runs on 3 hits and 5Ks).  The Orioles used crafty pitching to keep the Sox on their heels.  In the ninth, the game was broken open on Robby Starner's single hit in by Stephen Boudreaux.  Robert Foshe walked driven in by Wes Bolinger whose run was generated by rookie, Brandon Barr.  Final score 8-3.  On a sad note, White Sox veteran and all-around great guy, Deanthony Hall was duped by a fake tag by an Oriole second baseman forcing him to slide late breaking his ankle in four places.  Hall is out for the season +.  That's why there is a rule against fake tags.  The ball was never thrown...Although the culprit apologized, Hall will miss work, be out countless dollars in medical bills, and he was supposed to move his family this week.  Please keep abreast of our safety rules against collisions, fake tags, retaliation pitching, throwing equipment, etc.  It not only costs you an ejection from a game, but could cost the victim much more...

In game two, the White Sox rallied for their fallen buddy after a brief rain shower to club the Orioles 19-2 scoring 9 runs in the first inning alone.  Boudreaux was 2 for 3, Robert Foshe was 1 for 2 with a Home Run and 2 RBI.  Brandon Barr gets a highlight stealing home in the second on a perfectly executed play.  Troy Flood gets the complete game victory in 4 innings (1ER, 2 hits, 3K and 2HBP).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

Deanthony Hall carted off the field in the gurney....

photo by Stephen Boudreaux

Red Sox 5  Athletics 8

After a slow start out of the gate on opening day, the Northwest Arkansas Athletics
(1-2) finally found their stride on Sunday night beating the visiting Red Sox (1-2) 8-5 in seven innings of play at Franklin Park in Siloam Springs. The Sox drew first blood in the top of the third when a one out double found its way through the glove of Athletics right fielder Craig Marsh and rolled nearly to the fence. The error scored the runner already at first giving the Sox their only lead of the night.  The Athletics evened the score in the bottom of the third when Dustin Pennington was walked, then stole to third base, and was able to score on an rbi single by Derick Akers. This proved to be the turning point as the Athletics went on a 7-2, three inning drive, which was highlighted by a two run homerun by Travis Hunt in the fifth and a three run homerun by Marty Harrison in the sixth. Pitching superbly, Harrison (1-1) also turned in a six inning performance that included ten strikeouts.  The gritty Sox did stage a rally in the seventh bolstered by three hits and 2 runs, but it was too little too late as the deep Athletics pitching roster paid dividends. Pitcher Derick Akers (0-1, 1sv) brought into a high pressure situation with no outs and a cushion that had eroded from 5 runs to 3, responded by striking out the first two batters he faced and rolling an easy 6-3 out to complete the game.  Happy to go into the 4th of July break with a win, the Athletics hope to heal up starting third baseman Dave Freshwater who missed part of Sunday night's game with a pulled muscle. They host the Braves (0-1) on Sunday, July 10th in the nightcap at Franklin Field. The Red Sox will visit the Dodgers (1-1) on Saturday, July 9th at Veterans Field in Rogers.

Final Stats:

Athletics: 8 runs, 10 hits, 2hr, 2 errors
Harrison (1-1) 10k, 2bb, 1hb
Akers (0-1, 1sv) 2k
Red Sox: 5 runs, 8 hits, 2 errors
Chris 2k, 1bb, 1hb
Jake R 6k, 1bb, 1hb

--Jay Graves, Athletics

June 18-19, 2005


Dodgers 3 Dubyas 5
Dubyas 4 Dodgers 6
Cardinals 5 NWACC Eagles 0
NWACC Eagles 3 Cardinals 0
White Sox 7 Athletics 0
Athletics 0 Deerz 10
Braves 1 Pirates 3
Red Sox 4 Tigers 6
Tigers 3 Red Sox 9
Diamond Dawgs 8 Orioles 1
Orioles 2 Diamond Dawgs 11

Diamond Dawgs 8  Orioles 1

Orioles 2  Diamond Dawgs 11

This year’s Men’s Amateur Baseball League (MABL) Season was kicked off here in the River Valley with a double hitter between the Alma Diamond Dawgs and the Greenwood Orioles. The Dawgs swept both games with scores of 8-1 and 11-2. The first game showcased DD pitcher Shane Hubbard who threw a complete game: 2 hitter with 9 strikeouts. Oriole starting pitcher Danny Fuller took some lumps on the mound, but showed a nice power at the plate with an opposite field solo shot in the second inning over the right field fence. The second game saw more Diamond Dawg offense with every Alma batter recording at least one hit, a 5 run 5th inning and 15 hits overall.--Sean Hearn, Diamond Dawgs


Shane Hubbard of the Diamond Dawgs

Sean Hearn of the Diamond Dawgs

photos by () Diamond Dawgs

Cardinals 5  NWACC Eagles 0

NWACC Eagles 3  Cardinals 0

5-0 Cardinals the first game. Shutout by both sides until Brandon Atha gives up one run. Then a relief pitcher, Kyle Meek, comes in and gives up four for NWACC.  3-0 NWACC the second game. NWACC pitcher Aaron Gisler throws a complete game shutout, allowing no runs with 11 K's, and 2 walks in 7 innings. NWACC scores the game's only runs in the first inning, but NWACC also had two runners thrown out at home plate. --Ben Steiger, NWACC Eagles Official Statistician.

Red Sox 4  Tigers 6

Tigers 3  Red Sox 9

Hey Stephen just an update on Sundays games with the Tigers. Both teams had great pitching for game one and in the 7th the Tigers tied it up 4 all. They went on to win 6 to 4 in the 8th inning. Our bats came alive in the 2nd game most notable Mike Surane's who managed to knock one over left center. Our pitcher stayed in the whole game and did outstanding. The final score on the 2nd game was SOX 9 Tigers 3.--Clinton Preston, Red Sox
Dodgers 3  Dubyas 5

Dubyas 4  Dodgers 6

The Dodgers split their double header with the Dubyas. In the first game, the Dodgers wasted a well pitched game by John Thompson by commiting 5 errors, leading to 3 unearned runs in a 5-3 loss. The Dodgers had 5 hits in the loss while the Dubyas had six. After Brian Smith, the leadoff batter for the Dubyas, started off the game with a monster home run to left center, Thompson settled down, only allowing 5 hits the rest of the way.
In the second game, Nate Allen started for the Dodgers allowing 2 runs in 4 innings of work, and Eric Exner came in and pitched well enough to earn the win in a come from behing 6-4 victory. Exner also had a two run double to help his cause, while Zacc Arnold had the game winning hit in the 6th with a two run single. Jim Enneking also had a stellar day in the field, making a diving catch and throwing out a runner at the plate for the last out of the day. Dan Gano contributed in the field, with solid defense, at the plate, with a couple of hits, and in the stands, by having a huge following of family members and friends. They were a source of inspiration to the Dodger players, and they were greatly appreciated.--Eric Exner, Dodgers

Braves 1  Pirates 3

The Braves faced the Pirates for the nightcap at Franklin Field in Siloam
Springs with the Pirates winning 3 to 1. The Pirates got on the board in the
bottom of the 1st with 2 runs. After that the pitching started to step it up
a notch. The Braves scored one run in the third inning, while the Pirates
did not get their 3rd and final run until the 5th inning. The Pirates had
many opportunities to score more runs but left the bases loaded twice. The
pitching was terrific for the undefeated Pirates with 4 pitchers overall
taking to the hill.  10 strikeouts were recorded by the staff as a whole.
Evan R. Press started and worked 2 innings. The wily veteran recorded 4 Ks, gave up 1 hit, no runs, and 1 BB. Oliver Richards came in for the 3rd and 4th. The current U of A student recorded 1 K, gave up 2 hits, 1 unearned run on a passed ball, and no BB. The 3rd pitcher of the night for the Pirates was, potential staff ace, Clint "The Fresno Flash" Perryman. Perryman recorded 4 Ks, gave up 5 hits, no runs, and 1 BB. The final pitcher of the night was "Wonder Boy" Keith Holt. Holt had 1 inning of work and recorded 1 K, no hits, no runs and 1 BB for the save. The Braves staff gave up 3 runs and 5 hits. They recorded 4 Ks, 5 BB, and 1 hit batsman.--Jeff Kennett, Evan Press, Pirates

Athletics 0  Deerz 10

The Deerz won 10-0 in 6 inning of work. Jamin Hutchingson pitched the first 4 innings and had 7 strike outs. Rick Elliot had 6 strikeouts in 2 innings of work. we had a total of around 20 base hits.  with Ty Morman leading the team with 3 hits followed by Justin Siebenmorgan with 2, Matt Villines with 2, Rick Elliot with 2, and heath horn with 2.  Umpires did a great job, very friendly group and called the game nicely. Good umpires.--Matt Villines, Deerz

White Sox 7  Athletics 0

The defending champs came out a little stale at first.  Maybe due to skipper Boudreaux's nervousness about the strength of the A's team who have tacked on a few vets from the old Hurricanes and Legends.   Tough pitchers like Marty Harrison and Derick Ackers to supplement strong hitters like Dave Battaglia and Jay Graves.  Maybe Boudreaux also had his eyes set on performing with the Doobie Brothers later that night.  Either way, it was all shaken off by a fabulous return effort on the mound by old White Sox vet back from sabbatical to the Legends, Troy Flood.  Flood pitched a two-hit shut out complete game with 5 Ks and a hit batsmen (sub-par on the hit-batsmen...).  White Sox were led at the plate by Dustin Wilson 2-4 RBI, Robert Foshe 2-3, Alex Fortin 2RBI, and others.  Defensively, the Sox were strong with great plays by Tom Katz, Fortin, newcomers, Wes Bolinger, and Brandon Barr with two nifty assists from behind the plate in two short innings. The Sox still have a few MIAs that they expect to assist in their run, Patrick Taliaferro, Deanthony Hall, Matt “Yank” Rivard, Ray Sturgis, Ryan Bradbury, Jason Wendt, etc. --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


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Alma Diamond Dawgs

2005 Champions


National Division

Deerz 13-3

Diamond Dawgs 12-5

Dodgers 13-7

White Sox 12-7

NWACC Eagles 10-7

Dubyas 8-7

Athletics 10-8

Cardinals 2-6

American Division

Tigers  7-9

Red Sox 6-10

Orioles 6-10

Pirates 4-15

Braves 3-12

35+ Division

Knuckleballers 1-0

TomKatz 0-1

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