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NWAMSBL 2018-2021 Hall of Fame Class TBA


NWAMSBL 2016-2017 Hall of Fame Class

Inductee Class About

Brett Reynolds

2016-2017 Brett Reynolds- X-Tinct. While Brett's playing time has been reduced these last two seasons, his performance was key contributor to 5 straight championships for the X-Tinct from 2013-2017. A feared RHP with a league-wide reputation, it is Brett's kind demeanor and willingness to make the baseball experience good for all including going out of his way to assist in field preparation makes his nomination worthy.--Stephen Boudreaux

Sam Stokes

2016-2017 Sam Stokes- Cardinals. Few ballplayers will know the grind of catching a double-header in 100+ degree heat, but Sam Stokes, whether a matter of desire or necessity, is constantly seen behind the dish for pairs of games every weekend during an NWAMSBL season. Sam's calm demeanor in the face of any adversity is a testament to his willingness to have games go on without a hitch for all involved. --Stephen Boudreaux

Marc DeWeese

2016-2017 Marc DeWeese- Wingnuts/X-Tinct. Marc founded the Wingnuts squad in 2011 and quickly was recognized as a board member willing to follow up on directives when asked. While his Wingnuts squad ended their run in 2018, Marc remains in the league with the X-Tinct squad.--Stephen Boudreaux

Casey Benicosa

2016-2017 Casey Benicosa- X-Tinct/Wingnuts. Casey is sitting out the 2018 campaign, but was the key leader for the X-Tinct's run to winning 4 straight NWAMSBL Championships from 2013-2016 by building a core group of excellent players. Casey traded himself to the Wingnuts squad for the 2017 season to help shore up that team. Casey's time on the NWAMSBL board/coaching staff was critical to securing fields and assisting in making sure promotional efforts were as successful as possible. --Stephen Boudreaux

Tyler Hoover

2016-2017 Tyler Hoover- BUNWA. I believe that Tyler started as our assignor in 2014 and has constantly been on the lookout to provide the best possible officials for the NWAMSBL. Considering the distant past saw some extremely poor officiating which included guys calling balls and strikes behind the mound in jeans, Tyler has helped increase the quality of umpire in our league exponentially over the past five seasons and genuinely considers our league a valuable asset to the community.--Stephen Boudreaux

Toby Mileham

2016-2017 Toby Mileham- BUNWA/Yankees/Pirates/X-Tinct. Toby joined the NWAMSBL sometime I think in 2001 with his brother, Chris, to form the original Yankees squad that was a perennial contender. When that team folded, Toby worked his way into officiating and quickly leveraged his lifetime of baseball knowledge into becoming a successful umpire in the four-state region including working games for the University of Arkansas scrimmage series with big things in his future. Toby, who is a crafty middle infielder, couldn't keep away from the game itself and continues to suit up for the X-Tinct as an integral role player for a constant championship squad.--Stephen Boudreaux

Matt Villines

2016-2017 Matt Villines- Deers/Brewers/White Sox. Matt started his time with the NWAMSBL in around 2005 coaching a young team of legacy Fayettevillians originally called The Deerz who nearly swept the league in their inaugural season. Changing name to the Brewers in 2006, that team nearly swept the league again finishing 19-1 and winning the title in a stacked 12-team 18+ Division. Repeating in 2007 over a 10-team 18+ Division, the Brewers fell victim to guys getting busy with life and the team folded in 2009. Matt returned to the NWAMSBL in 2013 with the NWA White Sox helping lead that team to three Runners-Up, a regular season title and two third place finishes to date. Since Matt has been hired on as baseball coach at Springdale HS, he has helped offer their indoor facilities as practices, coordinated field approvals and made strides to foster relationships with area baseball people. --Stephen Boudreaux

NWAMSBL 2015 Hall of Fame Class

Inductee Class About

Eric Smith

2015 Eric Smith, X-Tinct.  Been with the league for many years and had been a revered LHP, home run derby winner, but importantly (to me) has been extremely helpful in securing fields, maintaining fields, coordinating reschedules, and doing "whatever it takes" to get ball games played for all and not just his own squad.--Stephen Boudreaux

Laurie Adkins

2015 Laurie Adkins, Umpire. Laurie is a great person first of all, but she has been calling games happily for longer than I have been in the league (20 years). Laurie also was a rare female player in our league at one point.--Stephen Boudreaux

"The Hecklers"

2015  "The Hecklers".  (Daniel Haffelder, Scott Perry, Chad Perry, Chris Winters, Chris Riggins, etc).  Four out of the last 6 years, this small group of guys have put on quite the show at the NWAMSBL Championship game at Arvest Ball Park. Nobody is safe:  Umpires, opponents, fans, and even the team side they are on.  I have been a victim...and it's awesome.  They pour out all they have with posters, bullhorns, noisemakers, and best of all, heckling.  It's clean fun and they are good at it.--Stephen Boudreaux

James Johnson

2015 James Johnson, Cardinals.  I thought we already put him in the HoF, but if not, he needs to be in. James has been instrumental in the past in being a positive voice for the league...he won a home run derby or two I think.--Stephen Boudreaux

NWAMSBL 2014 Hall of Fame Class

Inductee Class About

Heath Robinson

2014 Heath Robinson, X-Tinct.  I think Heath has played for every team in the league.  Always finding a way to get on a league contender...Pirates, Royals, Yankees, X-Tinct, etc.  But most importantly, Heath has helped keep these teams together.  If not directly coaching, he has made sure the teams make.  I don't think he has ever missed a draft day and always has good input to the league.--Stephen Boudreaux

Dustin Wilson

2014 Dustin Wilson, White Sox.  Dustin came into the league in 2004 and immediately jumped on the league board to do whatever it took to help make sure we could all play baseball.  He has been a board member ever since and oftentimes, the voice of reason. --Stephen Boudreaux

NWAMSBL 2013 Hall of Fame Class

Inductee Class About
none 2013  

NWAMSBL 2012 Hall of Fame Class

Inductee Class About

Linden Lewis


2012 *--FPEC Tigers. Linden will be turning age 70 on Valentine's Day this year. That should say enough about the guy, but what tells the story is his tenacity for getting back on the ball field season in and season out. Even after breaking his leg a couple years ago to find his way back to playing strength, he is still respected for putting the ball in play. I know that I tell my guys to expect him to drop one in anywhere at anytime. Linden has missed only a couple of seasons, but has pretty much been here since 1991. But most importantly, Linden is the first guy to pat a team mate or an opponent on the back and thank him for a good game.--Stephen Boudreaux

Joe Don Dawes


2012 *--Wingnuts (and various other teams over the years).  "I'm biased towards Joe Don. He really has been a staple in helping maintain the Wingnuts over the last couple of years that I have played with the team. He puts it all on the line injured or not. He's dedicated and passionate about the game!" Joe Don has been in the league over 17 years. He has played on a few teams most notably the Reds and recently a key component of the Wingnuts.--Marc Deweese

Patrick Taliaferro

2012 *--White Sox.  Patrick has been in the league since 2004 (9 years) and has served on the board for seven of those years. Patrick took over coaching duties for the White Sox before the 2010 season and promptly won two straight championships with the team. He continuously is in the top two or three on the squad in BA and Fielding Percentage, but more importantly keeps the team together especially since I have lost the time to run it. However, it is his off-the-field contributions that make him a great candidate for HoF. Patrick has been instrumental in helping me organize the Day at Arvest Ball Park since 2010, was far and away the biggest seller of tickets in that first year having sold as many as the whole league combined. He has also volunteered and shown up for every try-out, organized them, shown up for every fundraising and promotional event since he has been a board member since 2007 working diligently to make the league better.--Stephen Boudreaux

Charles Fowler


2012 Bentonville Dodgers player since 1991 inaugural season, board member for 12 years, and has played in over a dozen national tournaments, and played for teams from Canada and Australia. Field liaison for Bentonville Parks for many years, organized and bartered with BPR for pizza parties, lightning detectors, etc.  Helped organize 2002 Celebrity All Star Game with Pittsburg Pirate HOF, Dave Parker--Charles Fowler


NWAMSBL 2011 Hall of Fame Inaugural Class
The NWAMSBL is celebrating its 20th year of operation in 2011 and it seemed fitting to start a Hall of Fame for the organization…There have been a number of great contributors to our organization since its inception in 1991. The NWAMSBL does not keep a historical record of individual or team statistics and this Hall of Fame cannot be filled only with those who might possess a greater skill set than others because our league is not designed for that end. Also, since our membership can, in some cases that we already have proven, be active for as many as 20 years or more, we should not necessarily put a longevity tag on an inductee. Rather, the inductees should be at least one or more these things:

1. Represents the NWAMSBL in a positive and productive manner
2. Contributes to the NWAMSBL objectively and in a way that builds value
3. Represents the Northwest Arkansas community in a positive an productive manner on behalf of the NWAMSBL
4. Other subjective qualities (exemplary sportsmanship, outstanding leadership, keystone contribution, etc.)
5. An inductee does not necessarily have to be a player in the NWAMSBL. He/She could be an umpire, sponsor, donor, advocate, etc

We developed criteria for nominations and came up with a solid first class:

Inductee Class About

Alan Davison


2011 *- FPEC Tigers, NWAMSBL League President in the early 1990s and still active through the 2010 season. --Stephen Boudreaux

Eric Exner


2011 *-Bentonville Dodgers Manager since 1991, Multiple League Champion Manager, repeat attendee at the Arizona World Series and has earned multiple World Series Championship rings and even MVP honors. Eric has served as a past league vice president.--Stephen Boudreaux

Stephen Boudreaux


2011 NWA White Sox Manager since 1999, NWAMSBL President 2002-present, MSBL National Hall of Fame inductee 2011. Stephen took the role of league President after the position was vacated in 2001 and the league was in fear of collapse with only four active teams remaining. Through 2011 season, the NWAMSBL has not only been resurrected, but is a vibrant community partner that operates as a sound business and offers all the positive benefits desirable in an MSBL chapter in this demographic. --excerpt from MSBL National HoF induction article

Don Prim


2011 *— Bentonville Dodgers/Giants, NWAMSBL Past President through 2000. Don was integral in keeping the league afloat during the late 1990s.--Stephen Boudreaux

Marvin Undernehr


2011 *—FPEC Tigers, Longtime NWAMSBL member who represents publicly our persona of the ageless ballplayer, but more so exemplifies the great sportsman regardless of generation. --Stephen Boudreaux

Tim McDonald


2011 *-Fayetteville Yankees (Posthumous) for exemplifying love of the game. Tim was working on building a team that was heading to the World Series by 2011 when he was suddenly stricken with prostate cancer and lost the battle very quickly after prior to the 2010 season. --Stephen Boudreaux

Jeff Kennett


2011 *--Former NWAMSBL member and VP now in Antarctica. Contributed significantly over the course of three or four seasons in generating marketing plans, scheduling, fields, etc. Jeff was instrumental in assisting in getting our NWAMSBL “Day at Baum Stadium” at the University of Arkansas marketing program initiated.--Stephen Boudreaux

Evan R. Press


2011 *—League Journeyman. NWAMSBL board member who has been a key liaison with BUNWA (umpires association) and active in league operations. Evan has brought his experiences in membership in MSBL leagues in California to help guide policies here in our league. Evan has also served as an NWAMSBL board member for the past 8 years.  Evan also serves as an umpire for the NWAMSBL and other local youth leagues.--Stephen Boudreaux

Richie Connor


2011 *-Bentonville Dodgers, Long time great pitcher and hitter.--Stephen Boudreaux


MSBL National Hall of Fame 2011

Stephen Boudreaux, 2011


In an email late last night, NWAMSBL President, Stephen Boudreaux, was informed by MSBL National Founder and President, Steve Sigler, that he will be inducted into the MSBL National Hall of Fame in the class of 2011. This is a very exclusive class of only dozens in the 25 year history of the National organization. The induction ceremony will be held during the 2011 World Series in Arizona in late October.

As I mentioned in my reply to Steve, this is a very humbling honor that is not so much a reflection on me personally, but a testament to how our membership has embraced the service that the MSBL offers our community and how it gives us all the chance to keep playing baseball. I explained to him that I have an alterior motive: I still love to play the game. As a player, I want to play in a league that is professionally run, competitive, super fun, built for family interaction, beneficial to the community, and charitable. We have a lot of work to do and there is always room for improvement, but I think we are getting there. The player in me is proud of the product we offer here in Northwest Arkansas and I believe we represent the national organization well in our community.

Thanks again to each of you and our entire membership for your support of our organization as we continue to work to put a good product on the field. We are all in this together to make it the best it can be. --Stephen





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