(25 and over age divisions)


Arkansas Wingnuts Marc DeWeese 479-957-2707 deweese727@aol.com
Bentonville Dodgers Zacc Arnold 479-200-3775 zaccarnold@sbcglobal.net
NWA White Sox Stephen Boudreaux 479-236-4220 sboudreaux@arkansas.net
Cardinals Clay Fecht 773-710-7475 clayfate@gmail.com
  NWA X-Tinct Heath Robinson 479-427-7050 hrobinson76@gmail.com
  Iron Pigs John Stewart   stewartj477@yahoo.com
  Wood Ducks Dakota Brissey 479-287-3476 redsoxbrissey@gmail.com
  Braves Jason Foley   foocandoit@yahoo.com


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